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Sports Comparing Them to Now and in the Early 1920’s

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Hi my name is Gilbert I was born on September 7th, 1901 and play baseball for the Yankees. I have now been playing on the Yankees for 7 years, since 1921. Baseball for America is our most popular sport and everybody watches it.

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It is what everybody does and follows their players and team. We players are very skilled and this all comes to us naturally through hard work and effort. We don’t play this game for money and fame; we do it because we love it and put so much passion into it.

Hi my name is Peyton Manning I play quarterback for the Denver Broncos. I chose to play here because I got offered to pay the most here. I also decided to play here because the division is going to be easy and I figured it would be easy to win. Football is a great game because it is the sport now that everybody loves in Americas, people love going to games and following their teams and doing stuff like fantasy football. Football takes a lot of skill effort but now days it is driven by money and fame.

The similarities in the two stories is that both sports take a lot of effort and skill, the two sports were Americas most popular sport at the time, and lastly both were players that played on the teams. The differences is that the most popular sport used to be baseball now it is football, the players don’t just do it cause they love it, they do it for money and fame. Also some more differences is back in the day players did it naturally and now a lot of times today they use steroids.

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