Social Reflections of Slumdog Millionaire Essay

In the dramatis personae system in India. there is really small room for societal motion. It is really difficult for person born in a lower caste to travel up to a higher caste and get away the slums. Even if person who is born hapless plants hard and becomes monetarily affluent. they will still non be accepted by a higher caste. They may hold money but they will be populating in the same country with the same people as he or she has had to make their whole life. The increasing popularity of an American telecasting show in India. as portrayed in Slumdog Millionaire. is consistent with more and more citizens valuing pecuniary wealth over all else. It besides shows that the population doesn’t want to hold to work hard for their money. They want easy. fast money that involves really small attempt. Hence the popularity of the telecasting show. Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Not merely does a show like this promote pecuniary values over life experience and difficult work. but it besides makes Heroes out of people merely for going affluent. Many Indians were glued to their Television sets as they watched Jamal. a immature adult male from the Slums. drama to win six million rupees. They turned Jamal into a hero. merely for being affluent. They cheered him on as it is announced that he has won. non even cognizant that the money ne’er mattered to Jamal. He valued something much more cherished than physical wealth. He valued his life experience. hard-work and love above everything else. Society now yearss cheers person who did non hold to work for their money over person who has worked hard for what they have.

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Social Reflections of Slumdog Millionaire Essay
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