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Should We Read Romeo and Juliet in School

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Should we let go of everything from our past that holds memories, simply because its old? Or should we keep on passing it from generation to generation to keep a tradition? In schools is a great example of that. A common debate is whether or not Romeo and Juliet should be taught in schools. We should hold onto this tradition because of the way it makes students think, and because of the knowledge it provides to the students.

For one, although the language in Romeo and Juliet is not how we speak today, it still contains great lessons for students. While reading Romeo and Juliet, your mind is constantly thinking and deciphering what message Shakespeare is giving you. To make students read Romeo and Juliet early in their high school years will benefit them.

The unique style of writing will make the students’ brains work much harder to understand the message. If they were given a book with language they see every day would not benefit their learning as much. By reading Romeo and Juliet students will receive more knowledge.

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Another reason that reading Romeo and Juliet in schools is a great idea is because it is a two in one lesson. As teachers they have so much curriculum to teach the students and sometimes its hard to fit it all in. Rather than teaching the students what similes and metaphors are, students can read Romeo and Juliet and have perfect examples right in front of them while not wasting any time. While reading Romeo and Juliet you may notice that Romeo is a romantic and he loves using metaphors and similes to compare Juliet to celestial objects.

You may ask so what? Well Romeo is one of the main characters which means he speaks a lot, therefore there are many more examples for students to learn those parts of speech. Reading Romeo and Juliet in school makes teaching easier and makes learning a two in one combo.

Last but not least as you move on to different levels of school and in life, Romeo and Juliet will be referenced to. Not having read Romeo and Juliet, students would have no idea what is being discussed so being asked a question referring to Romeo and Juliet might be tough to answer. Rather than not knowing the answer and being dumbstruck in front of the whole class, it would be in a student’s best interest to take a little time out of their life and read Romeo and Juliet. Not to mention the benefit that after you read the book you can watch the movie for more excitement.

The knowledge provided to the students, the fact that Romeo and Juliet will be referenced to later in life and the fact that it is a two in one lesson are just some of the many reasons that reading Romeo and Juliet in school should be kept a tradition. There is far too much knowledge to be perceived because of the unique style of writing and the rich vocabulary. After being studied for over a hundred years, there must be something great enough to keep the tradition.

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Should We Read Romeo and Juliet in School essay

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on Should We Read Romeo and Juliet in School

Should students read Romeo and Juliet?
Yes, students should read Romeo and Juliet. It is a classic story of love and tragedy that has been enjoyed by readers for centuries. It is also a great way to learn about the themes of love, fate, and family.
Why should Romeo and Juliet not be taught in schools?
Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy that ends in the death of both protagonists, and its themes of teenage love and suicide may not be appropriate for younger students. Additionally, the play's language and structure can be difficult for students to understand, making it a challenging text to teach.
What grade do you read Romeo and Juliet?
Romeo and Juliet is typically read in middle school or high school, usually in the 9th or 10th grade. It is also sometimes read in 8th grade, depending on the school district.
Why is Romeo and Juliet being taught in schools?
Romeo and Juliet is an important work of literature that has been studied for centuries. It is taught in schools to help students understand the power of love, the consequences of feuds, and the importance of communication. It also serves as a great example of the use of poetic language and dramatic structure.

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