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Shalimar the Clown Salman Rushdie

The Clown Salaam Rushed The story begins with chapter Linda”.India is a young girl, ambassador’s daughter.His father is Max Pulls, American former ambassador to India, and now the counter-terrorism chief.

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In this chapter writer describes her wish to know more about her dead mother and reason why her father don’t want to talk about her mother’s death. The plot of this chapter is settled in Los Angles in ass. There she met her father’s chauffeur who was known as Shalom The Clown. His real name was Oman, but later the writer describes the reason of him being called like that.

Shalom always looked suspicious to India, and her suspicions about him made sense when she realized that Shalom was responsible for her father’s death. Reading that scene made me realism Shalom was cold assails. It was horrible when he slashed Man’s throat with a kitchen knife outside Indian’s apartment. Second chapter Is called Bonny. That’ s again name, and one of the main characters. It bring us back in year 1960, where we learn the real through about Man’s murder. Bonny was a young girl who lived in Kashmir together with Oman, know as Shalom the clown.

When they et, they fell in love, and only when they had 14 years they got married. Nobody believed in their marriage. Claimer’s father Abdullah refused their marriage because he thought there Is no relationship between Hindu and Muslim. Kashmir was once a paradise on earth where all people, Muslim an Hindu lived together. It was the place full of happiness and peace. Shortly after their marriage Bonny moved to anaphora place because she wanted to become famous dancer and there she met her second choice, Max Pulls, who fell in with her and got her apartment in Delhi.

Shortly after she got pregnant and she got India, but she gave her the name Kashmir. When Shalom noticed her betrayal, she went from sweetest, gentlest, and most open of any human being in Pacing” too cold assails. Bonny was killed, and Max and his daughter went back to America together with Man’s new British wife, who gave Kashmir name India. Shalom, who once worked as a Phasing’s clown, got a job in a organization called lord Mullahs”, which was Muslim organization made to fight with Hindus. He Joined various Jihad organization and became terrorist.

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