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Secrets (Speech)

Right now there are over 7 billion people in the world who are lying and keeping secrets the average person has kept or is still keeping at least over 100 and in a world of over 7 billion people that is a lot of secrets and lies people are keeping or telling people often ask “why do people keep secrets? there are 3 main reasons people do; the first one is the fear of being rejected, people dont want to face the feeling of being rejected by the person it is just an awful feeling to have two is that people want to keep the peace they dont want to hurt each other by telling them something they dont want to hear. And the last one is that people don’t want to be confronted by whatever they did Secrets and lies are very closely linked to each other the person is keeping the secret because instead they lied.

When you lie you are just creating problems for yourself because then you are going to have to remember what you said and the fact that you are telling a lie means you are keeping a secret from someone When it comes to ‘lying’ there are different types like remember when your parents told you about ‘farther Christmas’ or the ‘tooth fairy’ they were telling white lies to let you have a child hood but they knew one day you were going to find out then your life would be crushed but only for a little while.

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But then you get people who lie about serious stuff like stealing something or not doing homework or telling your mom you feel violently ill just to miss something you don’t want to go to or even worse stealing her money to buy those cute shoes you saw at the shops.

And this isn’t just that rare one person who lies and tells secrets it’s mainly all of us everyone has at least told a lie or kept a secret and it won’t just be one it will be quite a bit more than that But why can’t we all just be honest and tell the truth its less things to remember and less things to try forget? Simple you can’t everyone will lie society is a cruel place and there will never not be secrets or lies and if you say you haven’t ever kept a secret or told a lie… stop lying to yourself… because you probably have everyone has.