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Sample Introduction

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Good Afternoon. My name is Joe Dane ; you can call me Mr. Dane. I am a representative of Morgan State University (MSU). I am here to present to you what our prestigious school of higher learning has to offer for potential students like you. Here at MSU, we are a coeducational institution, located in a residential section of Baltimore, Maryland. We are founding members of the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC).

Morgan State is a historically black university, established in 1867 as the Centenary Biblical Institute but was renamed Morgan College in 1890 in honoring of the Reverend Lyttleton Morgan, the first chairman of its Board of Trustees. In our vast school, we are strict and cautious about college entrance rules/regulations. Violations of any rules will be handled by our Office of Student Judicial Affair.

We have wide variety of athletic programs, ranging from men and women’s basketball, cross-country, tennis, and track & field; Women’s bowling, softball, volleyball, even cheerleading; Also football for our guys. We proudly represent our school mascot, Morgan State University Bear. Now our school makes it possible for you to apply and highly be accepted; in state Tuition is proximately 7,000 and out-of-state proximately 16,340. We require you have a composite score of (2400) for SAT’s and a score of (36) for ACT’s.;

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High GPA’s are required. Enrollment size would be approximately 1,040 freshmen. At MSU, we offer implement a semester-based curriculum system and offers choices on 64 majors; most popular are Business, Engineering, Nursing, and Communication and Journalism. WE at MSU, have male ratio of 44% compared to female, 56%. While being a historically black institution, we serve students of all racial and ethnic backgrounds. Basically Morgan State University is the best choice for you. Thank You

Sample Introduction essay

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