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Rustico and Alibech

Rustico and Alibech by Giovanni Boccaccio I tried to find a better picture, or at least the more decent one. But Rustico and Alibech is just a short story piece of literary by Giovanni Boccaccio, and the fact that it was written ages ago, it would seem impossible to leastwise find a good cover. Anyway, I wouldn’t be doing the reflection about its looks but of course, by its content.

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I am really wondering why my literature professor loves to give us erotic pieces to read. Just like this schtick.

It is misleading. I was reading the first part of this essay with Kath and we were both so frantic in fully understanding the essence of the piece- not just because of the words per se, but because of the author’s interpretations of things such as heaven, devil and hell. The whole story technically revolved around an innocent lass, who was in search for ways to honor God through clergy. She wandered in solitude at the woods of Thebais when she found this pious monk named Rustico.

If you are going to ask me what kind of remembrance it has given me, I’d say that it was when Rustico taught Alibech how to put the deivil inside hell for the first time. Guys, it means sex. And it didn’t just end after that. They had a bunch of that.. and that.. and that… But in all those times, Alibech thought that it was still a part of her ministry because Rustico explained to her that whenever they put the devil inside hell, God is pleased. His head is pleased.

There was also a time when Alibech no longer enjoy much of it because you know, you know. HAHAHA! But then, my favorite part was when Alibech was forced to go home by I-don’t-remember-his-name-anymore to marry him. I don’t wanna detail it much, you see. However, when some people asked about her experiences as a hermit, She’d proudly story tell all of it. And then people would laugh because it also happens there- not including of course, the foolishness she abode.