Regression of the Human Race

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As the human race 'evolves' and progresses it has created an environment unsuitable for the generations to come. This Darwinist environment promotes the ideals of a 'dog-eat-dog' world, in which one person's ambitions are more important than another human beings. People strive for the ideal life in which money is not an issue, so the matter of living comfortably is not a problem. To live comfortably is an idea of life without worry of matters such as starving, fiscal responsibility, and lord shelter.

In order to achieve this life without worry, many people have progressed in heir businesses and technologies further improving the civilization, but at the cost of the environment around them. At the rate in which the human race is depleting its natural resources, future generations are going to struggle living at the same standards of the current human race. For example, since natural fuel sources are depleting which most transport vehicles depend upon, the price of gas will most likely escalate even more and less people will be able to afford the costs of owning a gas powered vehicle.

However, the depletion of resources is the least to worry about; the use of all gasoline yields arbor dioxide. This carbon dioxide rises into the atmosphere and slowly tears away at the ozone layer by reacting with the chemical: ozone. As the ozone layer depletes, more of the sun's harmful and heating rays penetrate the Earth warming it. If too much of the ozone is depleted, the globe's average temperature will rise and throw nature off balance. Areas around the Earth's equator are already feeling its effects.

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Drought plagues the agricultural industry of the United States, especially Texas, because lack of water does not allow for the prosperity of crops and livestock. The human race is also digressing socially. Disease, illness, and starvation plagues third-world countries around the world while people in first-world nations worry about their 'Faceable statuses' and 'Twitter feeds. ' Economic classing also burdens the modern human race. For instance, one percent of America's population controls more than one-third of the United States' wealth.

About fifty million people live below the poverty line which is a fiscal value of one person living with about twelve thousand dollars a year. 'The rich get richer, while the poor get poorer. ' More and more people Join the impoverished population every year, but very little people Join he wealthy populations. Corruption also burdens several national governments. Foreign relations tend to be negative and war is constantly underway. Russia recently invaded Crimea and claimed the territory to attain peace, but a nation's rights were still violated.

Another world war can erupt Just as easily as the first and second wars took place. Both of the world wars greatly impacted the environments the human race occupies, for example Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Earth has been infested by a parasite that is sucking the life out of it and depleting all its natural resources. This parasite is the human race. Humans constantly tear down forests, mine its natural resources leaving huge gaping holes in the planet, and send tons of debris into the Earth's atmosphere further damaging the planet.

Several species of animals have gone extinct due to the massive eradication of ecosystems throughout the world to harvest natural resources. Animals are becoming endangered because their natural habitats can no longer sustain life when their sources of shelter, food, and water are gone. The theory of Darwinism comes into play; if an animal cannot survive in an environment it must adapt to the new hangs, for if it does not the animal will and should die. Unfortunately, the human race most likely will not be able to adapt to a world consumed by water.

As the global temperature rises, polar ice caps melt at increasing rates and increase the sea level, the "looming catastrophe. "(Richard 1) Beaches are growing smaller and smaller each year, and eventually the water will engulf major cities, such as New York. In fact, Hurricane Sandy would not have been as disastrous at it was if the sea level was lower. As human civilization 'progresses' it is slowly destroying the only planet suitable or sustaining human life. Why grow a tree? It only makes the oxygen humans need to breathe in order to survive and function at fullest capacity.

Greed for power and money has plagued human civilization and will ultimately lead to the extinction or near extinction of humanity. The lack of care for fellow humans, animals, and the Earth is destroying the planet. The human race will have to start all over again as it depletes all of the Earth's natural resources and destroys the only planet humans exists on, as far as evidence shows. However, ignorance also plays a big part in the extraction of human civilization; people deny the existence of global warming and justify their destruction of the globe.

Work Cited Agency, Environmental Protection. Sustainability. N. D. Weapon. 5 May 2014.. This weapon explains the difficulties concerning sustainability of the current human population at the rate at which it is depleting the earth's resources. Anderson, Richard. Resource depletion: Opportunity or looming catastrophe? 1 1 June 2012. Document. 5 May 2014. This weapon provides several articles and studies concerning sustainability of the current human population as well as the effects of human resource depletion.

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