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Reflection on Training

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I have enjoyed the support I have received from the home manager and my colleagues, in improving my competence at work and my personal and professional development. Keeping on top of my personal development has been by taking responsibility for my own actions I keep track of my training needs and look out for opportunities to attend additional training.

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Reflection on Training

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. e. nurses, social workers and doctors. Accessing all the support I can get from working at Saffron House has been a great help. I attend regular supervisions sessions and an annual appraisal; this has formed my professional development and allowed me to be where I am today. Accompanying material: KFC Training Program My manager and I myself both agree on the most suitable training to enhance my training. I can tell from my relationship with the individuals that I care for that they are satisfied with the level of care they receive from me I receive feedback from them when I have done something so little but to them it’s huge I do quite often receive positive comments from families which is a huge boost because it means I’m doing my duty right. I do receive supervision sessions every 3 months which is a time to get feedback from my manager of my work whether it’s satisfactory or not it gives me insight of areas of my job that may need improving and development. When I was employed by Saffron House I attended a 3 day induction programmes in which I was given a certificate of attendance shortly after this training I was given a development plan which my manager gave me a list of all the mandatory training that was essential to my role as care worker and which will be on-going throughout my time working as a carer. During the first 3 months I was on probationary period which gave my manager and co-workers time to see if i were competent to be a care worker and able to give the individuals what is essential

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