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Reality TV and Morality

Invention of television is a product of a spectacular brain who has a great influence on everybody’s life nowadays, some of them are mortal, some of them are like brain-washing and some are just a little just because of reality televisions. This reality television changes the concept of reality in people’s mind. Television first started as our eye for outer world which we don’t know about and for being informed which we can say a “tool” but now it is just our “aim” to be on television.

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So this is forming obsessed brains which causing death of morality as Rushdie says.

First of all, main reason why people are joining these reality programmes is just the anxiety of being rich and famous which are the most two important notions in western society in these days (Rushdie, 2010, p. 63). Contestants are doing bizarre and disturbing just for obtaining wealth and fame, like a guy fried his hand at American Survivor (Rushdie, 2010, p. 63). This leads us Rushdie’s thesis “good to be bad” (Rushdie, 2010, p. 64) from which it is comprehensible that people acts like mindless zombies like the hand frying guy. Good to be bad” refers to a lot of other things too like being selfish just for winning prize and being double faced in the competition. So it forms a question in mind; do you really need to be talented to win these competitions? Absolutely no (Rushdie, 2010, p. 63). You just need to play the game with its “corrupted” rules. One of the biggest immoral issues is the first death on television (Rushdie, 2010, p. 64) which negates the most basic natural right that we have. Moreover, it is need to define what morality is. It distinguishes good and bad.

However, “good to be bad” ignores it completely. As it became a common ritual to watch television in home with the whole family, children will be affected heavily by these programmes and generation by generation the spirit of morality will change or collapse. However producers don’t care others much, they just need ratings, big articles in newspapers next day after the show just for their name to be written on those piece of papers. These producers are enough blind and shallow that they can’t see influence of these programmes on society, so we are being acted like a guinea pig.

They are just damaging society’s mental stability and pushing them act immoral in their lives without consciousness with injecting these awkward behaviours by their programmes. So basically contestants and producers are becoming famous without doing anything else. This is just an unfair way of tricking people and paralyzing them in front of television and even it annihilates our understanding of morality. Furthermore, there is another point of view which is not able to not to take into consideration about those poor contestants.

Poniewozik tells that: “Isn’t there something simply wrong with people who enjoy entertainment that depends on ordinary people getting their heart broken, being told they can’t sing, or getting played for fools? “ (Poniewozik, 2010, p. 70). It is really sad that some people are enjoying with this stuff. As spectators are the people who watch television in their home, it is acceptable to say that, there are lots of “already diseased” brains which are exempt of notion of morality. Everyone can imagine children will be affected more than everyone.

They will be lost while they are searching their personalities and it is a high odd that they canalise to wrong role models for their life. So they are the main and the weakest victims. Something must be done to avoid for our future generation not to get attracted by those programmes or they should be aware while watching those television programmes or it is fatal that humanity will lose the “judgement ability”. As a result, these ideas show us that reality tv’s are really dangerous and causes death of morality.

These un-realistic programmes are being watched nowadays and spectators don’t have any idea what they are watching. It’s clear that reality tv’s are absurd and not worth to watch. However there are no ways to avoid watching them because we can not limit or cut television sells. Immoral behaviours will increase day by day; if this problems goes on, there will be serious behaviour malfunctions in society. Some can say not to watch them but it will just enter from left ear and fly out from right ear. It’s able to see that Rushdie is right with his arguments so it’s clear that reality tv is a regret.