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Radio Shack case study

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5. Generating Alternatives

As Vice-President (HR) it is important to understand the situation of the company as well the priority needs of employees.  Explain the entire status-of-affairs in which the company is placed in, either by issuing a notice or by conducting a staff meeting.  Tap the need that company requires people who lead the company at this moment by extraordinary skills and company is not looking for those who would like to work for the company.  Young, dynamic, energetic, enthusiastic and motivated staff are required who can contribute to the growth of the company in a short p of time. The company is seriously on the look-out for highly skilled and highly talented and experienced people.

6. Evaluation of Alternatives

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Explained two ideas from section five above, using the Restructuring organizations in times of crisis or in acquisitions and mergers, is a general step taken in order to effectively manage organizations and in this aspect, human resources department in conducting interviews, tests, selection process and interviewing process are some of the important tasks to recruit best people.  The management principles of First-in-First-Out (FIFO) and Last-in-First-out (LIFO) can be applied for the purpose of recruitment and layoff.

7. Chosen Alternative

At one point of time, every company passes through some difficult stage, which must not stand as a hindrance to the reputation of a company.  Reputation of a company can never be affected with human resources whereas it is affected only when a company incurs loss or performs poorly in its business operations.  Staying honest even in times of crisis helps a company to regain its position irrespective of competitors pull-down strategies.

8. Implementation Plan

  • Action Plan
  • Description


1. Issue notice to staff - To perform well in every area of responsibility
2. Recruitment - Select highly talented and dynamic people
3 Motivation - Conduct work shops to motivate staff
4 Review performance - Meeting once in  a month to review the performance.

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