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Proud Granddaughter of an Imperturbable Old Man in Childhood

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Under the hot sun, a ragged man walked in the scorching street. He lurched forward, looking very weak, as though life was being pulled away from him, until he collapsed on the street. He was gasping for breath and the sweat was dripping feebly. At that moment, a dazzling copper coin fell in front of him. He said to the one who threw it, 'Sir, I am not a beggar.' 'But you really need the coin, don't you? It can keep you alive. 'Said the man. 'No, life without dignity is meaningless to me. I would rather die like this.' The giver shook his head helplessly. The weak man was still sitting on the ground, waiting for the end of life, and he didn't accept any handouts from anyone, and eventually his life was gone. A person with a warm family will not abandon his dignity because of hunger. The family is one of the supplements, it didn't have their own success, it won't lonely on the way in the study, work, family hid lots of wind and rain for you.

My grandfather is 80 years old this year, his face faded the valiant in those days, and there was no smile on his rigid face. Grandpa has been kind and friendly to me since childhood. He was affable but spoke with a sense of gravity. However, now the grandpa has faded the momentum of the year, before the eyes of god was a pair of glasses to block the outline, become a little cloudy. He also no longer as usual, carrying his hands all day to go back and forth in the neighborhood, with them to share the fun of today's life. Grandpa is a teacher, not famous is also known far and near. He loved to write poems and words so much that he loved them to the bone, so much so that my grandfather asked me to write good Chinese characters when I was young. However, every training I just hurried, do not think.

When my grandfather asked me to write well, he also taught me how to write ancient poems from time to time. Years passed quickly, now grandpa has calm every day, he will go to the neighbor's house every day, but sometimes lying in the rocking chair, sometimes staring at the TV, sometimes reading a book, but no matter what grandpa is doing, his eyes always reveal a kind of memories of the past. I wanted grandpa to go back then, to bring back that very active old man. But that interesting, though boring time has gone forever, years inadvertently took away grandpa's previous years, gave him every day endless miss. 'Yeah, grandpa, he's getting old.' When I thought about it, I realized how much time I had wasted on that strictly silent day. He began to age, he had been almost taken away by the years, and I have not been able to retain any time to share his wonderful achievements. I couldn't help but regret my powerlessness. He filled my childhood with his own years. But I didn't become what my grandfather wanted me to be, the proud granddaughter of a straight-faced old man in my childhood.

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In order to make up for my confession, I began to practice the Chinese characters seriously. I will pick up the lost years of my grandfather day by day. I firmly believe that one day in the future, I will put together all the pieces. I also go to visit grandpa every day, although grandpa has not recognized the face of the comer, my heart is always thinking: grandpa still remember the meaning of the past profound childhood. Probably not. But this idea only lasted for a period of time, when I saw my grandfather raise himself up and slowly came to the side of the locker, I was anxious to stop my grandfather, but like a stubborn child, grandpa refused to listen to advice, stubbornly opened the drawer and took out a photo. Grandpa stared at the photo for a long time, narrowing his eyes and showing a relieved smile. He almost held the corner of the photo with trembling hands, and said to the innocent girl smiling in the photo.

It is a Sunday, grandpa said today everyone at home, home dirty, we come to a family cleaning! We all readily agreed. Mother assigned tasks, we began to work, even cousin and cousin to help. I put the mop in the bucket rinse, and then twist a few times, and then bent down, front leg bow, hind legs stretched tight, 'to chi to chi' to pull up. I put it off very carefully, very carefully, and very hard. Finally, all the dirty things on the ground were dragged clean by me. Grandpa cleans the roof sink. He climbed to the top of the pool along the ladder, and then carefully climbed into the pool, pool space is small, so can only bow his body, rolled up the legs of his pants, sleeves, a hand with cleaning fluid to the pool around the wall and floor spray, hand wet cloth to the wall and floor wipe, but also from time to time with water washed. Grandpa worked very hard, for a while, wet, can not tell is water or sweat.

In the world, your favorite and your favorite is family. Because it is worth, so deep love. No matter how much you suffer outside, your family will give you strength when you lose everything. Even if friends and lovers easily turn their backs on your family, they won't leave you because they love you. The preexistence practice of fate let us closely huddle together, and become an inseparable family. Even if occasionally we will have a temper with the family, there are problems, we also do not willfully make them sad, because they are family. There will never be irreconcilable contradictions between family members. Family members are the cradle of love, the place to stay, and the haven for us. Whether it is a happy moment or time of distress, we think of the family, the family will be the first time to lend a helping hand to us.

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