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University of Phoenix Material North American Colonies Project Part 1: Native American Resources Access and review the Early Native Peoples interactive map link available through the HIS 110 [pic] page. Study the map identifying the regional distribution of Native Americans (also located in Ch. 1). Using the grid, identify the seven regions. Then indicate how each of the native tribes within the regions supported themselves prior to the arrival of European civilizations. Region: |Principle Basis of Subsistence: | |Artic |Fished and hunted seals. | |Northern Forests |Big game hunters. | |Pacific Northwest |Salmon fishing. | |Far West |Fishing, hunting small game, and gathering. | |Southwest |Farming and trading. | |Plains |Farming and hunting. | |Woodlands |Farming, hunting, gathering, and fishing. | 0. 2 Part 2: Contributions Grid

Complete the Contributions Grid by describing the contributions of the three groups of peoples, Native Americans, Europeans, and Africans, to the creation of the British North American Colonies. List the aspects of each of these peoples—Native Americans, Europeans, and Africans—that contributed to the development of the British Colonies. | |NATIVE AMERICANS: |EUROPEAN |AFRICANS | |Economic |Fishing, gathering, farming, and hunting. Created goods which they either sold or |Trade with the Mediterranean world: | |Structure | |traded. |ivory, gold and slaves. Economies based | | | | |on resources of the lands they inhabited:| | | | |farming and hunting etc.. | |Political |Tribes had chiefs and the chiefs had |Centralized nation-states. With the |North: Ghana and Mali Empire. |Structure |advisors. |monarchs and their courts as the ultimate|South: A village system that was very | | | |law of the land. |family orientated. | | | | |Both men and women choose leaders of | | | | |their own gender to handle their gender | | | | |affairs. |Social System |Woman had a big part of the social |A class system. There were the rich, not |Maternal – families traced through | | |structure. They had big roles in their |so rich and poor. Male gender dominated. |mother’s side. Jobs were separated | | |families too. Most of the jobs and duties| |through gender lines. Women were dominant| | |that were needed to effectively run the | |in trading in farming, while men hunted | | |tribes were allocated along gender lines. |and fished. Women took care of the | | | | |children. | |Cultural Values |Their culture was centered around the |For the most part their cultural values |Ancestor worship and very gender related | | |tribes and the natural world which they |came from the bible and Christianity. |values. Women were almost equal with men | | |in habited. | |in many things they were superior. |Religion |Their religions were derived from the |Different denominations of Christianity. |Islam and various tribal faiths. | | |natural world around them. They had many | | | | |gods which represented elements of the | | | | |natural world in which the different | | | | |tribes lives. | | Part 3: North American Colonies Response Using the Readings found on the [pic] page, prepare a 350- to 700-word response in which you compare and contrast the early British North American colonies; for example, the Virginia colony and the Massachusetts Bay colony: in terms of their goals, government, social structure, and religion. In your response be sure to address the ways in which they were similar and different, and why. Be sure to properly cite any references.

The most significant differences between the British colonies in North America lay between the ones in New England and those in the south. The colonies of New England were mainly founded by English people escaping religious persecution in England. While, the colonies in the south were founded mainly for financial gain, though some of the New England colonies were stuck out at first for the same reasons. For example, the colony that would soon become Pennsylvania started out as an attempt to make money by selling land parcels to refuges of English religious persecution and others. In the south he colony that would become Virginia started as a corporate venture by the London Company. The proprietors of this company hoped that if they financed a group (and later groups) of people to come to the new world and set up shop that they would make financial gains off the gold they would find (they were convinced there was gold, because of the success the Spanish had in pursuing it in South America). There were some colonies in New England that were founded solely on the basis of creating the “perfect” Christian communities by different denominations of the Protestant and Puritan faiths. Among hese were the settlers of Plymouth Rock. Roger Williams and his followers founded Rhode Island in an attempt to get away (for Roger it was because he had been banished from the Massachusetts Bay colony), from religious persecution in the New World by the same people who fled England in attempt to get away from the same. In the south, colonies were mainly set up as corporate ventures as I stated earlier. The first colony of Jamestown was there for gold and other precious goods. While, Maryland and the Carolina colonies were created as an attempt for their proprietors to get rich on land schemes and by taking ortions of the settlers goods i. e. crops and such that they farmed. In terms of goods between the two colonial areas the southern colonies made good in growing tobacco mainly, while, the northern colonies grew crops such as beans, pumpkins and corn. They both at fur trades, but of the two only the New England colonies did not have as much trouble with the natives. Southern colonies battled the native’s for years over the settler’s infringement of more and more of their lands among other things. While, in the New England colonies they did not have as much problems with the Indians.

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Two factors contribute to this: 1) By the time settlers reached the New England area many of the natives had already been wiped out by earlier explorer’s diseases. Small Pox among others created deadly plagues in these areas destroyed much of the population prior to their arrival and in the settlers early years there. Since the natives were eventually outnumbered by the settlers, the Indians in this area were way more compromising and in the most part just sold their land off and left. 2) The settlers who came to the New England region were much more respectful of the Indians han their counterparts in the south. For the most part, they started with the idea that the land belonged to the natives, so they would buy or trade for their lands instead of pushing the Indians off like in the south. The majority of settlers in both the New England colonies and those of the south were Christians. They varied in denomination somewhat, but in most colonies charters were created allowing the freedom of worship to all. Southern and New England colonies had governors or proprietors who were the final word in all issues, but the governors were voted in and most areas had representative assemblies.

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