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Ping’s Personal Growth in Carole Wilkinson’s Novel Dragonkeeper

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By the lime she reaches the ocean. Ping has experienced a world far beyond her humble life as a slave girl, In what ways does Dragonkeeper show Ping's personal growth? One of the amazing things about Ping in ‘Dragonkeeper’ by Carol Wilkinson is the fact that she is able to learn and adapt to her new surroundings She is able to grow as a person in many different areas, She learns what friendship is and how much of an impact it can have on someone, She learns the responsibilities of looking after and protecting a dragon. as well as how to perform and apply qi. Throughout the novel, Ping gains new talents and skills which help her for the duration of the novel. ‘Dragonkeeper’ demonstrates Ping‘s personal growth by the way she is able to make such a strong connection with Danzi and Hua in a short time p. She starts off imagining her life outside of Huangling where she has friends and is able to see real flowers.

Soon it becomes her realityl “Without Danzi she would still be at Huanglingl Without Hua she would have probably died of misery years ago." The novel reveals many times where friendship is vital. Although, the novel sets Ping up for misery when she is betrayed by her only friend. She “hadn't realized that her heartache was physical pain Danzi had left her and taken the dragon stone with himt" This illustrates how far Ping‘s relationships have come. From not caring at all about Danzi to never wanting to let him go. Friendship is a huge component of the novel. Secondly in ‘Dragonkeeper’. Ping grows as she must grasp the skills that are required to be a Dragonkeeper, Her job is to safely take Danzi and the dragon stone to the ocean. At the beginning of the novel, Ping feels no need to properly care for the remaining dragon. This is demonstrated in the novel when she says; “I was going to change your straw," she grumbled. “But now you can wait.

“She picked up the bowl of fresh food, No point in wasting it on such surly beasts.” She soon learns just how important the health of a dying species really is This is displayed in the novel when Danzi injures his wing, Ping states; “Let me rub some of Wang Cao‘s ointment into your wing." This shows Ping‘s change of mind. Once she got to know Danzi she realised he was worth her time and effort. Finally, in ‘Dragonkeeper‘ Ping acquires the knowledge to pick up and mater qi. She begins without any understanding of what qi is, She is left clueless, but Danzi is adamant about her learning the technique and mindset of qi. The novel shows Ping‘s misunderstanding when Danzi says; “Ping must learn to focus qi,“ the dragon announced “What is qi again? “Spiritual energy." “Do I have any?" Ping asked. “All creatures have qi." But she soon learns the advantages of qi. For example; when she defeats the dragon hunter. “Still on her knees. she thrust her left hand and the qi power coursed out of her, even more, powerful than before.

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The dragon hunter was lifted off his feet and carried backwards across the plateau.” This not only shows Ping’s intelligence but just how quickly she can obtain essential information This is one of her strengths, which has grown and progressed through to the end of the novel. In conclusion, Ping has achieved personal growth. She begins so naive and innocent with no purpose other than to look after master Lani Nevertheless, she develops, with the help of Danzi, into someone that better understands and appreciates herself. She has learnt what quality relationships look like, how to guard and attend to Danzi, and finally. how to use qi to her benefit. She has proven herself worthy with patience and hard work, As she matures with time she will continue to learn and develop new skills, especially taking on the responsibility of caring for a new baby dragon.

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