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Personal Responsibility Experience Through Living

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Furthering your education can be a encouraging and discouraging decision; really when you have everyday life situations and experiences. Today's average adult is working, taking care of children, and also dealing with unexpected life events and with all those things going on they continue to strive for success. Continuing education on top of all those responsibilities can add great stress, but It can be accomplished.

Myself has seen my mother raise children, work, and continue education. Her advice to me was to accomplish success in life with goal settings, vision, and mental preparation. Collegial (2004-2007), "Goal setting is the process of deciding on something you want, planning how to get it, and then working towards the objective". The way to attain long term goals Is to to set short term goals first, which are more attainable In smaller steps.

Short term goals are Like stepping stones they are designed In smaller moderation to obtain the bigger picture, which is to accomplish the long term goal, which will lead to greater success. A person can set to achieve a short term goal within a short period of time from one day until one week, or even six months whether than a long term goal which can take years. You can see short term progression much greater than long term every time you accomplish a short term goal, a pat on the back Is in demand, and means that you are one step closer to your long term goal.

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The funny thing about goal setting Is that you should always set long term goals first to give yourself a window, and to place goals in order of importance. You should always set long and short term meaningful goals Goal eating also involves maintaining specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time targeted goals to become attainable. Discouragement will come along, but time management and goal setting will give you an outlook on your lives plan. Life is a lesson within Itself you have to start somewhere to end up somewhere.

Vision meaning the act or power of anticipating that which will or may come. Vision Is another technique required to become successful at furthering your education. Vision is an outlook that one has for themselves to see the future a pictures of Seibel future based plans which can be perceived mentally during dreams or life images. Vision is needed to stay focused and on track to become successful, and also the foundation for success, one must have vision to know there place In life or what attain the perceived images and dreams.

Vision is also needed to remain determined when life's unexpected events arouse you can always go into your subconscious thoughts and remember your vision you have for yourself to continue your successful journey. Mental preparation is another technique helpful and needed to have a successful education experience. Mental preparation is very important for an adult who is continuing education, working , being a parent, and a spouse to help keep ones sanity and to accomplish having academic needs met.

Mental preparation can help one cope better with stress, the ability to separate, but not completely forget about life stresses. Practicing on how to focus on keeping what is important together at that present time. To prepare yourself for furthering education you have to put yourself on the top of list as number one proper rest, exercise, good eating habits re needed to stay healthy and have adequate mental awareness and energy to deal with the extra meal on your plate.

Good study habits and ample study time is needed to be successful in your furthering education, completing assignments early not waiting until the last minute to turn them in, which can lead to a major stresses. You have to make scheduled school days less stressful plan other activities on other day if possible, doing so will enhance your education, this will give you confidence, control, and mental energy in doing such strategies will lead to better education experience.

Personal responsibility is being accountable for your own decisions and actions, and having self respect for yourself and others to become successful. Having to maintain personal life, being in the work force, and continuing education can all be a bit much, but is attainable with determination, patience , support, and focus to become successful. All one needs is to have a vision of lives path, set goals to attain the vision "road blocks don't mean failure, repeating goals make it stick" (The Numerous foundation, 1995-2013). Also mental preparation to make the furthering education experience much easier.

Personal Responsibility Experience Through Living essay

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