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Parental Pressure

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By: Kristin Brenner Parental Pressure = Late nights, Health risks, Confusion Why this may be occurring and strategies for elimination… Some Parents Expectations: ? Adolescents should spend all or most of their time studying, instead of being able to socialize with their friends ? Adolescents should start producing good grades even at an early age of nine (Murphy, 2005) ? Adolescents should begin building Harvard-quality resumes Risks ? Mental Risks: ? Suicide The constant pressure to succeed leads to the contemplation of committing suicide o A study from Penn State University shows that out of 421 students, (227 females and 194 males) 19. 4%, contemplated committing suicide due to the enormous pressure from their parents to produce exceptional grades o Females are four times more likely to attempt suicide or a form of self-harm (Nutrition Heath Review, 1999). However, males are more likely to follow through with the act ? Identity & Self-esteem o When parents exert too much pressure the adolescent has limited time to explore possible furture options.

Exploration is necessary to develop a healthy identity o If adolescents select their college major or future career based on parental pressure, the adolescent can develop a foreclosed identity. Foreclosure can lead to dissatisfaction during adulthood o Parental pressure can lead to lowered self-esteem, a lowered sense of assertiveness and less competence in school skills (Adams, 2001) ? Physical Risks: ? Sleep Deprivation o Parental pressure leads to physical exhaustion due to late night studying to produce good grades (Hung, 1999) ? Cheating o Parents apply a significant amount of pressure for good grades, ot knowledge, which can lead to cheating o In a survey done by Donald McCabe of over 2,100 students on over 21 campuses, one-third of adolescents attempted serious cheating on tests with half of the adolescents cheating on written assignments o Causes: Forced course load and a mentality of the need to succeed that is instilled by some parents o Why: It is easier to cheat than continuously bear the pressure of handling the course load Where Parental Pressure Stems From: ? Parents anxiety, competitiveness, and cultural pressures (Murphy, 2005) ?

Households where control is a central focus (Adams, 2001) ? Parental pressure increases as an adolescent gets older (Adams, 2001) Who Parental Pressure Affects: ? American children, parents are giving more directed academic guidance, support, and have higher educational aspirations and expectations for their children (Vernal, Campbell, & Beasley) ? Parents of higher socioeconomic status are more likely to expect their children to attain a higher education and higher level jobs than parents of lower socioeconomic status (Social System Influences) ?

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Affects children as early as age nine, with a greater number of parental pressure placed on males than females, but females are more likely to respond to the pressure (Vernal, Campbell, & Beasley) Strategies For Adolescents To Eliminate Parental Pressure: (Price) ? Get conversation started by asking parents how their day was ? Make eye contact to show respect and make a serious impression ? Stay calm and do not overreact or interrupt, but stay open and objective ? Do not appear defensive ? Let your parents know that you feel that you can start to make some of your own decisions about your future endeavors ?

Say “Thank you” no matter how the conversation ends. You need to remember that you and your parent are unique individuals and you may not always see eye to eye, so it may take numerous conversations for your point to be heard Adams, G. (2001, March 28). Pushing kids to excel often backfires, study fines. University Guelph on the web. Retrieved from http://www. uoguelph. ca/mediarel/archives/001135. html Hung, J. (1999). Surviving a year of sleepless nights. Newsweek, 134(12), 1. Moseman, J. (1999). My parents expect too much. Campus life, 58(3), 22-29. Price, S. , (n. d). How to talk to parents.

Retrieved February 25, 2005, from http://www. channelone. com/news/exchange/news/2004/02/26/se_parental/ Social Systems Influences. Retrieved March 23, 2006, from http://faculty. tamucommerce. edu/crrobinson/512/socsys. htm Verna, M. A. , Campbell, J. R. , Beasley, M. (1997). Family processes, SES, and family structure differentially affect academic self-concepts and achievement of gifted high school students. American Educational Research Association Convention. (2003). Parental Pressures and Suicidal Thoughts. Nutrition Health Review: The Consumer's Medical Journa,l (85), 18.

Parental Pressure essay

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on Parental Pressure

Is parental pressure always harmful?

Too much parental pressure can never prove to be beneficial to the children and instead can make them mentally ill. Parents need to take care that they are within limit while putting pressure.

What is the meaning of parental pressure?

Parental Pressure is the drive that parents put on their children to achieve a goal. On one hand, student's self-efficacy is the belief of the students that they can do successfully a task whatever it is. Furthermore, this study used likert scale that was conducted among 245 students studying in Jagobiao National High School during September 2019.

Does parental pressure play a role in career choice?

Yes, parental pressure does play a role in our career choices. They might make us pursue the career they want or fight for the career we love. Our parents only want what's best for us. We also need to open up to them on the profession we want and weigh the choices. f

What is parent pressure?

Parental pressure mostly focuses on making children achieve goals rather than making them learn things. As the end goal of achievement is far more important than the learning process, it makes children more susceptible to cheat. Hard work is as important as taking breaks between working hard.

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