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Pablo Picaso Olga

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The portrait of Olga is a naturalistic depiction of Picasso’s wife. I think that the missing arm chair, the shadow, the darkness, and the paleness of Olga are a sign from Picasso that their relationship was not always so good. I assume this because from the site http://www. sapergalleries. com/PicassoWomen. html I found that their marriage had its ups and downs and they were two different people. This painting is well painted. It gives me a feeling that Olga was present when Picasso painted this portrait. This woman is beautiful and I think that Picasso would paint his wife beautifully.

The imperfections in the Olga portrait remind me of Picasso’s first Cubism painting, Les Demoiselles d'Avignon because of the shadow in the back ground that does not seem to fit Olga’s shape. If you look at the Cubism painting Picasso uses a lot of shadow and fuzzy lines in the back ground behind the women. I believe that when you look at the Olga painting long enough you can tell that is was not meant to be a perfect portrait of his wife therefore I believe that it is more of a cubist painting. That is very interesting because I thought that is looked as if the painting was done in person.

Now that I know that he painted Olga from a photograph of her does not change my mind that the piece reflects the cubism paintings. In the other painting the women that Picasso pained the women look distorted and not human like. I believe that these women probably were not painted by picture but by imagination and emotion of Pablo Picasso. All in all, I believe that Picasso had a talent of portraying women in many different ways. His work is fascinating and very different than a lot of other artists work.

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