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Our Education System

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Education is often a crucial issue in any society. Without education, no one becomes informed, and when no one is informed, often one will rise above the rest, leading to a monarchy/dictatorship. Obviously, dictatorships do not result in a happy world, or a peaceful one for that matter. In order to keep this from happening, we keep our generations educated. But who is to say that this current method of education is efficient? One of the major issues with education is that there are not always quality teachers. Some teachers do not teach anything. and let their students do what they wish or struggle to learn, and then there are those that teach it, but do not make sure that the students learn it. I think that this issue should be corrected in a big way. Without a correction, education will continue to repel students and the intelligence level of this country will continue to degrade.

The reason that this issue is so important to me is that I have had quite a few "teachers" that don't actually live up to my expectations of a teacher. For me, I was always bad at math, and I would often stay after and still not get it. However in my freshmen year, I had a teacher who decided that he was going to make us his experimental class, and try various things out on us. As a result, my grade suffered, and I had no idea what was going on in the classroom. Because there were no regulations placed on the required material and a general policy on how we learned it, our classes grades fluctuated a lot, and we didn't walk away with knowledge in hand, but the satisfaction of knowing that we barely passed. In turn, the students eventually grow up to be teachers, and repeat the same thing that their teachers did, creating an issue for the education system, and the installation of knowledge in students.

One way that we could go about correcting this issue is to enact a program that would monitor average test scores in various classes/schools, and compare them to the individual classes grades on tests. By comparing averages, you could find out who is doing their job or not. This would weed out some of the teachers that do not make sure the students learn it. Part two of this program would also be having teachers prove that they are following the required course material for their class. This would make it so the teachers have to follow a curriculum. A third part would be to allow teachers to go off into extra material (more interesting or fun topics) after the required curriculum is completed. This would serve as a reward, and allow for the students to learn better, because it is something that is interesting.

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In closing, education needs a bit of a reform, in my opinion, however not a critical one. If we took our time and gathered ideas from both students, faculty, and administration, we would find a better method for education. Also, by placing regulations on the schools, yet allowing for the completion of regulations to result in flexibility, we would achieve better test scores, and result in more students walking away with knowledge that they will actually remember. The countless generations before us have set the bar high, but we are in a technological age where we can learn even more than before. We should take advantage of this, and develop our intelligence to the fullest, and take our education a little bit at a time.

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