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Organizational Improvement

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The Organizational Improvement includes Team and Staff skills that focuses more in the teamwork of the people of the company to see if all are doing the job well with team effort. This is can also be a sort of measurement to check if the company’s employees are happy in their work environment or with their co-employees. This strategy can minimize the risk of communication gaps among the people of the company making their work done with ease of feeling that they are working in a place where they are happy.

If people are happy working and satisfied with their job, the employees will have loyalty and trust to the company which also brings benefit to the whole organization as well. The IT Supply Management however includes a strategy of maintaining the structure of the IT division of the company since that it is one of the most important divisions of the whole organization because it is the one that maintains all of the organization’s system like the network, data communication and technical information needed by the company.

It is very essential that the company should know its different maintenance requirements to ensure that no technical downtime will happen during their transactions or operations. An implementation of an ERP System for the whole company is very important. This will really help the company to define the work flow of every transaction in a well organized manner. • Figure 8: IT Department: ERP workflow Communication and Education should never be left in a list of a sourcing strategy.

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Education should always be a tool of empowering their employees. This can be done through researching, meetings, seminars and trainings. The management should never think twice in educating their employees. It should be a part of their investment because in the end, knowledgeable and trustworthy employees bring out the best output that the company desires. Risk Management, as described and discussed a while ago is also a part of a strategic source which helps a company a lot to avoid possible problems that they might have.

Conclusion Having the stated documentation regarding the Borouge’s company assessment, it can be seen that additive materials are very expensive yet very important for the company’s nature of business. Since that this material is very hard to find, the company has only one supplier where they get supply for a year. This strategy causes a lot of problems and risk to the company because if is very uncertainty if a trustworthy partnership can be established between the company and the supplier or not.

Thus the writer had made a series of strategies and solutions that the company can use to check their work flow using the Kraljic's portfolio matrix method, supply chain management and risk management hoping that these steps would help the top management of the company test the capabilities of its employees, customers, work flow, supplies and goods to see if they are all complaint to their sets of standards to ensure the quality of service that they give to their customers to show their competitiveness in a very demanding market.

Recommendation The writer recommends that the people of the company should be strict in conducting different kinds of test to see the capabilities of their people. Customers are very demanding and competitions are everywhere. That is why the Borouge’s company must know how to play their different roles in the business. Never think twice about investment, but investment must be done wisely. Hire people who can have a good background and those who can be trusted. Always appreciate the people who work hard and give them incentives.

Communication gap should never be a practice among employees. Trust and good relationship should be established among customers and the Borouge’s company. Development and changes are permanent so the Borouge’s company should not be afraid to improve themselves if it is for the benefit of all. Marketing should also be encouraged. Good planning among officers of the board should also be maintained. The writer hopes that this paper would be of good help to the Borouge’s company and to students or other companies who wishes to know more about the different kind of strategies.

More over, it is also recommended that the Borougue company must have a revised supply chain workflow in their different departments like in the Marketing, Planning, Production and Procurement to After the different studies that we gathered, the company can also try searching for another suppliers located in India hoping that their produts are less costly than their original suppliers but still has the same quality that the company require. One good suppliers are in India and Korea which are the Newgen Specialty Plastics Ltd. , Vin Industries, Indo American Chemicals and more that has been successful in the business of additives.

The Borouge-2 that shall be operational this coming 2010 should now start to form their marketing, planning and procurement departments so that the team should start planning their work and business flow by the time they start their operation. The additives for the new plant will surely require more materials so it is recommended that the team should use their expertise in making agreements in demands to buyers, suppliers and market. A lead buyer that works together with Borealis team can also be of good resource to see the market situation with the main suppliers that they have.

Either having a two year contract to one supplier, the writer recommend that the company should divide the resources of the additive material into four suppliers for them to compete and be the best. Through this, the company will have an advantage to the supplier rather than the supplier having the advantage towards the company.


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