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Organisational managament

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The organisation that I will be analysing is called Auto Design Technics. This company is in the Automotive Industry. They run a Project called Project Kahn. This Project as part of the Car Sales which is their main service is to tailor luxury bespoke vehicles for customers. The organisation has 18 years of experience in the Automotive Industry to create they Project Kahn Brand in 2003. They have a team of designers which include technical engineers, graphic artists, clay sculptors and 3 Dimensional Modellers who spend thousand of hours developing their concepts.

The main change in this organisation that is taking place is expansion and not just in the industry they specialise but also creating a corporate brand through a wide range of products such as items of clothing and accessories. There is also another direction which the organisation is exploiting is the international housing market. They are purchasing villas and houses over Europe which they rent out to tourists, holiday makers and businesses to use as offices.

One of the main drivers and key issue in relation to my diagram leading to this development and expansion of the company is the high performance this company has made in the past 18 years which has lead to high number of sales leading to high profits. This money has been used in housing investments and brand imaging clothes and accessories to create an appeal of the business to a wider audience making it more convenient for the business to create high sales. The other main driver and key issue in relation to my diagram affecting this organisation is competition.

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Organisational managament

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Although this company is competing in the Automotive industry. The big advantage of expanding sales into a new and different industry altogether and integrating the business together through sales in different industries and putting it altogether under one roof is competition is much easier to handle therefore a greater chance of success in maximising sales and profits. [ 1] One of the main resistive forces and key issue in relation to my diagram that has acted on the organisation is the need to learn new skills.

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