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If one character from 12th Night could feature in a Simpsons Episode, who would it be?

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William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night is a comedy about a young girl, Viola, who is separated from her twin brother due to a shipwreck. Viola dresses up as a man in order to make a living, but runs into some dilemmas along the way.

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If one character from 12th Night could feature in a Simpsons Episode, who would it be?

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. Sir Toby is Countess Olivia’s alcoholic uncle, who loves to play pranks and have fun. He could appear on an episode of the Simpsons, because he adds to the plot, and he has comedic potential guaranteed to appeal to Simpsons fans.

Sir Toby Belch would be a great guest star to appear on the episode “Twelfth Night, or Whatever.” because of his ability to add to the plot. Sir Toby is an alcoholic, and this could be greatly exaggerated in the Simpsons episode. In a scene from the play, the extent of Sir Toby’s alcoholism was portrayed when he commented “I’ll drink to [her] as long as there is a passage in my throat and drink in Illyria.” (1.3.35). This would be a sight to see, and maybe lead to Sir Toby drinking too much and learning a lesson. Sir Toby’s love of alcohol could be helpful in his interaction with other Simpsons’ characters.

For example, Sir Toby is seen persuading Sir Andrew to join him, saying “Come come, I’ll go burn some sack. ‘Tis too late to go to bed now.” (2.3.165)”. Seeing how he loves to interact with friends while drinking, he could easily become acquainted with Homer and his friends in settings like Moe’s Tavern. Perhaps they could could become drinking buddies. The interactions in their inebriated state could result in some very amusing and interesting scenes.

Sir Toby has a lot of comedic potential, which would be a big contributing factor to his character development. He is sure to stand out in this episode because of his silly antics, including his accidental wordplay. While Sir Toby is talking to Sir Andrew about dance, Sir Andrew gloats, “Faith, I can cut a caper.” Sir Toby responds, “And I can cut the mutton to ‘t’”. Sir Toby intentionally mistakes caper (dance) for caper (a condiment) (1.3.102-103) Sir Toby’s wordplay could be used to the character’s advantage in frustrating or confusing various Simpsons characters. Although he may be a careless, joyful man, he is also quite manipulative. Sir Toby is a prankster, and enjoys having fun at the expense of others.

During a conversation between Sir Andrew and Sir Toby, for example, Sir Toby manipulates Sir Andrew in order to benefit from his wealth. Sir Toby encourages Sir Andrew to stay by reassuring him that “She’ll none o’ the count. She’ll not match above her degree, neither in estate, years, nor wit. I have heard her swear it. Tut, there’s life in ‘t, man.” (1.3.105-107). Sir Toby gives Sir Andrew false hope so that he will be able use Sir Andrew’s money on alcohol. Sir Toby could easily provide a hilarious episode by manipulating and encouraging other characters to do ridiculous and stupid things.

Sir Toby would be a great character to make an appearance on an episode of The Simpsons because of his potential contributions and his ridiculous antics

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