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One area that I have difficulty with is in making and writing compositions

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I am writing this letter to share with you my learning experiences in your class and how much I have enjoyed being in your class. I have had difficulty with my previous language subjects and somehow, I was skeptical about having to take another English class. However, I was terribly wrong; I did learn so much from all the coursework, all the activities and all the interaction in class.

One area that I have difficulty with is in making and writing compositions, I do not know how to express my ideas and opinions convincingly before this class. I also was ignorant of the rules and standards of using sources and how cite materials that I researched. I would say that the greatest skill I have gained from this class in terms of writing is how to correctly paraphrase and summarize my ideas as well as to give credit to works that I have used in my essay.

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All throughout this semester and from the activities that we had, I found that I am good at analyzing statements and ideas of other people. I probably would say that my greatest strength as a writer is to be able to critically analyze arguments to support my opinions and assumptions.

As such, the skill that I have used to my advantage is integrating the words of famous personalities into my essay which also gives my essay a distinct quality. Despite the immense number of skills and knowledge I have gained in this class, I also know that I still need to improve on my writing ability and to specifically be able to decide and write the necessary components of my research portfolio. I know that I really have to work on it and I am more confident now that I can attain my goals in this aspect.

When I evaluate my performance in your class, I know that I have done well and that I deserve to have an A. I know you might think that I am too brazen to say that but I know that I have done all of my homework, I never missed a quiz; I even did the extra credit tasks. I also participated actively in the writing lab; I interacted with my classmates and during discussions. Moreover, I listened attentively to the lectures and discussions, I asked questions when I did not understand something and I always came to class early.

I know that you would be evaluating our performance and behavior in your class, but I would like to tell you that even if you feel that I don’t deserve the A I am aspiring for, then I would gladly respect your judgment. I know that the amount of learning I have gained in your class will be something that will stay with me and will be very helpful in my future courses, of which I am already very thankful to you.

Sincerely yours,

Your name

One area that I have difficulty with is in making and writing compositions essay

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