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Nonverbal Communication Is Important

Communication is the exchange of information from a person to another or a group of people; this includes a sender transferring information, ideas or feelings to a receiver.There are two ways to communicate: verbal and nonverbal.Verbal is the way that people use to communicate everyday: talking.

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Nonverbal communication does not use talking but involves body language, posture, gestures, eye contact, touch and physiological responses. Although people use verbal communication everyday, their nonverbal communication is more important than verbal.

Nonverbal communication is a big benefit for business, because that is the important key when a business man can express himself; he can be confident when meeting a partner or clients. For example, the handshake is an important way to make a first impression. No matter the basis of the hand shake, it should become a part of repertoire. Handshake is a sign of trust and help build strong relationship. Imagine meeting a well – groomed, well – dress expert for the first time – but when you are shake his/her hand, you feel like you are grabbing an infant’s finger. “The important of nonverbal communication ten things your handshakes says about you”) When people meet someone with a strong handshake, they usually come up with some hypothesis like: that person is confident, serious and focused. On the contrary, a weak handshake will make people come up with some thinking like the person is weak in personality, uncertain or lacking in determination (“The important of nonverbal communication ten things your handshake says about you”). When people have a strong handshake, their hands usually have a warm temperature.

Temperature is one of many first impressions, too. When people meet someone with a warm hand, they will think that person is kindness and gracious. Handshakes is the most important in business, nobody want their partner to have a bad impression about them. So nonverbal communication is very important in business, without that, the business may not be develop and effect the economy of country. In the other hand, the role of nonverbal communication is very important in school environment.

Sentence and Verbal Communication

In school, student from everywhere in the world with different cultures would like to hang out with their friend, that is social being and using different nonverbal communication can built or destroy a relationship of misunderstood action. A child first learns to communicate with those around him or her by using his or her nonverbal skills like pointing, clenching his fist, clapping his hands when excited, slapping away objects he does not want, being stubborn when he or she is sleepy, etc.

Therefore, those skills are more highly developed in the beginning than is his speech. By combining non-verbal and verbal when trying to reach the children you have a better chance to make connection (“the advantages and disadvantages of nonverbal communication in school”). With some student lack of ability to explain them, so the teacher can look at their facial expression or their action and can easily understand what they are cannot say through verbal communication.

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