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Nevada Constitution

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“LAS VEGAS -- The sixth and final man sought in the armed robbery case against O.J. Simpson has been released on $32,000 bail after surrendering to authorities.

John Moran Jr., the attorney for Charles Bruce Ehrlich, 53, of Miami, said his client is "not a principal in this thing" and will plead not guilty. Moran said Ehrlich planned to return home to the Miami area”. (“Sixth O.J. Robbery Suspect Released On Bail”, 2007)

Article 1 section 7 of the Nevada’s Constitution states that all persons shall be bailable of any case except for Capital Offences or murder. Bailable cases should not be punishable by life imprisonment or when the life imprisonment sentence has parole possibility. Article 1 section 7 of the Nevada’s Constitution is clearly evident in this news. O.J.Simpson is facing cases such as kidnapping, robbery and assault. Although punishment for the said crimes could lead to life imprisonment, the punishment includes parole therefore allowing O.J. Simpson to bail for the cases under Article 1 Section 7 of the Nevada’s Constitution.

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Article XIII Section 3

[Sec. 3 of the original constitution was repealed by vote of the people at a special election held March 17, 1937. See: Statutes of Nevada 1937, pp. 19, 50. The original section read: "The respective counties of the State shall provide as may be prescribed by law, for those inhabitants who, by reason of age and infirmity or misfortunes, may have claim upon the sympathy and aid of Society."]

A little help for the homeless goes a long way


Andrew Pridgen
Appeal Staff Writer
September 23, 2007, 4:01 AM

“The day, put on by staff of Carson City Health and Human Services and about 20 volunteers from the community, was an opportunity for homeless residents to get free health care, legal advice and job counseling as well as a meal, a hygiene kit and information about which organizations around town can assist the needy back onto the road to self-sufficiency”. (Andrew Pridge, 2007)

Article XIII Section 3 states that the State shall provide some of the needs of the citizens provided that these citizens are incapable of meeting their own needs for some reasons. This can be seen in the story in such a way that a certain organization, together with several volunteers, is helping the homeless residents of the country. These citizens are definitely in need of the support of the country and society.

Sec. 4.  Taxation of estates taxed by United States; limitations. …The State of Nevada shall:

1.  Accept the determination by the United States of the amount of the taxable estate without further audit. …

Taxes Are the People's Money

Nevada News Digest…Sept.21-22, 2007

"Open Meetings Are the People's Law…Many arguments are saying that the issue about tax is an issue manages only by the government agency . The secrecy within the issue of tax should be preserve, and that the people living in the state will not acquire any knowledge on how their taxes are determined. University System Regents have tackled some of these arguments; they conducted debate with their exclusive proclivity to privacy while there are about to spend millions of dollars obtain trough the taxes. The state should greatly criticize Open Meting Law and how this right to determine tax issues accompanied by Nevada Tax Commission behind closed door." ("Taxes are for the People", 2007)

The application of Article X, Section 4 (1) can be seen in the article (Taxes are the People's Money). The news states that "… the people living in the State will not acquire any knowledge on how their taxes are determined", which clearly shows the application of the constitution. The rate of taxation is determined by the United States and should be accepted by the State of Nevada without any further question or auditing.

Article 10 Section 1

The Legislature may constitute agricultural and open-space real property having a greater value for another use than that for which it is being used, as a separate class for taxation purposes and may provide a separate uniform plan for appraisal and valuation of such property for assessment purposes.

The Beginning Of The End For Farmers Markets?

By Bob Bennett

Nevada News Digest…Sept.21-22, 2007

“In Reno farmer's Markets are very popular, as well as elsewhere in the nation.  Yet they could be in danger of extinction if certain federal legislation is allowed to go unchecked. The National Animal Identification System have raised their concern about the issue, currently a voluntary system run by the states, including Nevada, becoming mandatory with fines of up to $1,000 a day per animal per day plus criminal liability (as in Texas) should reports to the government fall even one day behind.

While all of those factory farms in the place would all is able to limit their accountability by grouping all of their animals in lots based on its designated area, for all of those small farmers they are about to separate identification numbers … and computer chips for each animal. If a farmer has 12 chickens, twelve numbers would be needed.  Five cows would require five numbers.” (Bob Bebbett, 2007)

Section 1 of Article VII can be seen in this issue of the Reno farmer's market. The mandatory fine increase for agricultural property had been dictated and evaluated by the government.   A separate uniform plan had also been used in which every animal requires a separate identification number. Every animal should be reported to the government for the assessment of the property, that is agricultural properties more specifically, farm animals.

Article XI     Section 6.

Support of university and common schools by direct legislative appropriation; priority of appropriations.

1.  In addition to other means provided for the support and maintenance of said university and common schools, the legislature shall provide for their support and maintenance by direct legislative appropriation from the general fund, upon the presentation of budgets in the manner required by law.

The Federal Education Budget

The Nevada Observer

August 1, 2005

“The U.S. Department of Education's fiscal year (FY) 2006 budget provides $56 billion in education funding, up about one third since President Bush took office. Federal money coming to Nevada during FY 2006 will be about $439 million, up almost 69 percent from when Mr. Bush took office. Nevada's state education budget has not kept pace.

As much as $129 million will be used to help Nevada implement the reforms of NCLB. Special education grants will be more than $70 million and there will about $172 million for new Federal Student Loans”. (“The Federal Education Budget”, 2005)

In this issue, $56 billion had been allotted for education and $129 million will be used by the State of Nevada. The government provided support for education that can be used in the maintenance of the school facilities and other important matters just as stated in Article XI Section 6 of the Nevada Constitution. It is the US Department of Education that evaluates the said budget. As stated in the constitution, the government will determine the amount for education and will be coming from general fund.

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