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Neurotransmitters and Memory

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Those with Parkinson disease suffer from a deterioration of neurons ethylated the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is vital for normal movement. This often leaves patients with severe mobility problems. Typical treatment embraces the drug I-dope, which substitutes dopamine in the brain but can cause side effects, and over long term use becomes ineffective. As is the case with all neurological diseases, the tissue that is destroyed cannot be regenerated. The cellular treatments purpose to interchange the missing neurons with dopamine-producing cells from fetal brains or with those harvested from human stem cells.

The studies suggest that fetal brain tissue transplanted into the brains of those suffering from neurological conditions can actually grow new viable neurons whose transmitters produce and release dopamine into the brain. There is still the need for continued research as much of the results have shown little improvement in symptoms. Here in lies the controversy of such continued research. Moral, ethical and legal concerns are being raised in light of request and grants for said research. Many are arguing over what a fetus really represents.

Whether it is a person or merely a developing System of ells. At present fetal tissue IS harvested from spontaneous abortions and still births with permission of the mother, much like that of donating your body to science. The use of elected aborted fetus has yet to be authorized. There comes into question the motives of the use of elected aborted fetus. If there will be a monetary kick ARGUING THE USE OF FETAL TISSUE 3 back to aborting mothers, or if a fetus will be conceived for the use of a family member with a disease like Parkinson.

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Neurotransmitters and Memory

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At present it takes the sum of six fetus to supply the needed tissue transplantation into a Parkinson sapient. It is reported that 90-95 percent of the neurons transplanted die before they can attach and began to grow new tissue. Major concerns in regards to acquiring ample fetal donations is in round table discussions and has been tied up in debate for years. I myself have not been faced with a friend or family member stricken by a disease like Parkinson. Working in the medical field for the past 17 years I have dealt with patients with the diagnosis.

Watching how they struggle and the frustration they face on a daily basis has to be exhausting for them. I feel hat we are in great need of further research for many medical ailments and diseases. Questioning the use of fetal tissue definitely strikes a nerve for many. And it is such a sensitive subject which has a power house of backing much like that of the Catholic Church whose view is that a life begins at conception. Where others say it's not a life before the third trimester. I myself do not condone the use of farming fetal tissue. Onto see why we cannon have access to the fetal tissue which has been aborted. Why not use that tissue and gain from it all that we can. How much is it costing to dispose of such tissue? Can see where it can easily be regulated by the government and possibly save tax payer dollars in disposal fees. These are fetus that are electively aborted. The number of elective abortions in this nation in 201 1 was 1. 06 million. How many experimental transplants could have taken place using this viable tissue? I am also very interested in research on growing cells in the lab environment.

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