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Negative Aspects of Reality Shows

In recent years we have seen how the reality shows have Increasingly Invaded our screens, and there is something that captivates people to the point that change their way of life and are carried away by this “fever”.Most of the people who watch this kind of shows believe that all what they see is real so they begin to feel identify with them.The audience imitates they behaviors and most of the time it Is negative.

They turn violent, Irritable and susceptible to reactions.

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A big percentage of people who watches this believe that their way of being is normal, but it is not like that. There are certain manners or behaviors that we are used to watch, but it doesn’t mean it is normal at the point that we accept it as a way of life. What is true about this is that producers control everything and can alter or distort the actions of the actors. The actors are aware of this because when they sign their contract It Is specified over there.

So, can we believe In everything we see? A key for success of these shows is the humiliation of the “actors”. Like American Idol or many others, because the jury criticizes them In a derogative way so the contestants leave the stage but being teased. The audience assimilates this as a normal process so if they don’t have skills they begin to feel shame of it or scared to people who can watch them doing things. Another negative thing is that they can think that humiliation is a necessary step to succeed, thing that is not true.

We hooked not allow ourselves to be influenced by these shows and that Is why there are recommendations while watching them, such as: It Is not recommended for children and young people, therefore they can understand and analyze the background and have a very strong personality. All in all we must be alert and aware to see a reality show, because this can lead to unexpected and negative changes. The best one can do is to turn this experience into something good and know how to select those programs that teach us and help us develop.

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