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Nature VS Nurture: Overview

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The Nature versus Nurture argument is one both psychologists and sociologists have looked at and studied extensively to the degree that it has become one of the great debates in both fields of research. On one side Nature, the argument that It Is the genes of the parents that shape a person behavior, personality and even the persons well being to an extent, but the other argument is that is is Nurture not Nature that controls how a person turns out and that It Is how you are brought up that will shape the person. Both arguments have legitimacy and proof for their lams.

One thing that Is said to be shaped by these factors Is your aggression and control of your aggression, most people will have heard things Like "you have your fathers temper" this Is a common view throughout society that people Inherit their parents aggressive or passive behavior, this would back the theory that Nature Is the deciding factor and to back this it has been found that things like ADD which can cause people to act out in various ways is actually hereditary, this therefore helps prove the theory that nature is what shapes a person aggression.

However there is people that do not inherit or even have conditions similar to this in the family then how do you explain people that have similar anger issues when they don't have a medical condition, this is why people argue that it is not nature but nurture that is the reason for peoples personality including the anger, this is because most parents bring up their children in a similar way to their upbringings which could lead to similar issues with aggression.

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I think that Nurture is a key factor as it is found that people brought up around violence or shown violence as way to solve things will us it hen they would have seen it for example if a parent says that if you do X I will hit you then is that child sees another child doing X then they are likely to hit the person as that is how they was brought up and they see that as the norm. Another thing that is argued is whether someone has even been born a killer, there has been stories throughout history of how people have been born to kill people, this has been a common tale for places such as Sparta and even In England with the cells. Forever there is little modern evidence to support this theory but there Is an Incredible amount of evidence of people that have been brought up with death of relatives and close friends which have lead to them becoming accustomed to the feeling around them a great example of this Is Myra Handled Infamous for a series of murders known as the moors murders, where five 10-17 year olds were killed and burled by Myra and her husband Ian Brady.

Myra was brought up by an ex-military father with a harsh hand, When Handled was aged 8, a local boy approached her In the street and scratched both of her cheeks with his fingernails, drawing blood. She burst into tears and ran into her parents' house, to be met by her father, who emended that she "Go and punch him [the boy], because if you don't I'll leather you! " Handled found the boy and succeeded in knocking him down with a sequence of punches, as her father had taught her.

As she wrote later, "at eight years old I'd drowned in her local reservoir while swimming, to which she blamed herself. This is just another example of how nurture is what defines us. In Conclusion Nurture is in my opinion based on all the evidence I have gathered and studied, the deciding factor of what creates a personality. This shows that it is more your upbringing than your genes that shape a person's character.

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