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From the Catholic's point of view, if we look at the bible basing room the Old Testament, we have committed sin from the day Adam and Eve bit the apple and this perhaps as always an excuse of humans when they commit mistakes. If we consider science on human evolution, they would say that we were once came from the family of ape, this also affects the perception towards the behavior of human beings because they perceived humans as higher level of the animal kingdom and again have the tendency to commit mistakes. But going deeper, do we really are born to make mistakes?

Or in order to achieve perfections we needed to learn sessions by going through the mistakes. For me, the nature of human being and how he exist Is affected by a lot of factors, say by environment, circumstances, upbringing , beliefs etc. We sometimes make decisions not thoroughly think of but because of what we feel or sometimes how other will perceived It as right or wrong. This is because: our behaviors are affected by the norms set by the environment where we are living or somehow affected by culture that was inculcated in our minds from the day we were born or even when we were still in the womb of our mother.

This somehow defines the right and wrong of our action, each human being has his own definition of how we see righteousness and what seems to be not right in our perspectives. We are naturally Influenced by the surroundings but at the end of the day we always see goodness In every human, we always believed that whatever the actions or even mistakes committed, we don't completely removed the idea that somehow there is kindness or goodness in the heart of every human being. I guess, the nature of human being is not imperfectly perfect but we tend to dream of having almost close to perfect life.

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Contentment and satisfaction is always a challenging word for us. Linking this to genuine happiness adds more heaviness to the word, because, It gives us freedom to choose our own happiness and yet In choosing, we consider circumstances, families, other factors that might impact the happiness we want to have for our own lives. True to the saying, that no man is an island, which man cannot live alone, he needs to be with somebody to show his affection, emotion and love in either way.

And this drives us also to do goodness, because we believe hat there is somebody, who can accept us, our faith directs us to do goodness and always reasons for everything we do, and somehow, sometimes being human we tend to forget this, because we perceived that we do not have a choice. But in reality we do, if we do have choices as human being, we have the freedom to think, how to act. The nature of human being for me is the same for each and every one but it only differs when influential factors sets in especially the culture that affects all our situations and ways of thinking.

Reasons of Being: For me being is the reasons of existence. But how do we define reasons of being? Why humans do exists? In my own point of view, we were not born out of nowhere. Culture, religion, science environment may happened to affect our existence. We mimic sometimes other personalities or idols that we see or we believed reflect how we want to live our lives. And somehow this gives us directions of our being. Our reasons of being are unending process, it is like a cycle, when we almost are done to end something, and then it gives us another open door to begin on something.

A child is born, his path sometimes is being mapped out already by his parents, but the moment he sees his environment, he began to explore things on his own and do things from one way to another until he accomplish something and explore on another thing. We do not seem to be satisfied with having Just any reason for living but we want to find deeper meaning of our existence. We tend to look for our purpose in the society, in humanity or in our day to day existence. The reason for being is because we want to see the meaning of life, we want to know where will it take us and how far can we affect others by our existence.

In conclusion The nature of human being is naturally with flaws, we are not perfect but this should not be an excuse for stopping us to be a good person. Committing mistakes will lead us to learning and accept that we are human beings, and like a child we are a work in progress in becoming a better individual, or be the best of what we can be. I happened to read a book "the Purpose driven life" written by Rick Warren, it is about t the Journey of knowing God's purpose for your life and gives us understanding of the big picture ? how all the pieces of your life fit together.

The reason of existence of eyeing is based on how or what we believe that drives us to what we do or we want to have in life. But personally, being a catholic I believed that my reason of being is because I have a purpose to serve God through my interactions with other human beings. To return the favor to others by showing goodness and kindness, and exerting effort to live what the God has wanted us to be. My reason of being is to know the meaning of life and how to experience it. I believe that my life here on earth is Just a preparation of the beginning of my new life when I have the opportunity to see God face to face.

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