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Narrative The annual Acquaintance Part

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The students of Bachelor in Elementary Education was held last July 19, 2013 at the Villa Amanda Resort, Abbacy, Bataan. The activities began with the registration of the participants at their arrival on the venue. Stubs, indicated as entrance and photo booth stubs, were given to students before July 19 and were to be meant as the gate pass for them to enter the venue. It was facilitated by Board Members Petite Arena and Mark Anthony Arrange.

After the registration, the students were guided by the rest of the Institute Officers to heir areas on the resort. Led by the Institute Governor John Michael David, together with Board Member Carla Punctual, the designated area for each section was arranged for the students' convenience. While the students awaited for the arrival of the schools respected authorities for the message, the emcees, then, were John Michael D. Asia (former USC President) and Roomer G. Salon ( the present USC President) encouraged the students to present any number from their section.

This was the done simultaneously with the roll call by the section. Unlike the past acquaintance back then, the most prestigious, most glamorous, and sot awaited event in the party, the b. Duskiest was held, for the first time in the A. M. Part after the class presentations. This time, there were 12 candidates, one representative for each section. The candidates battled for the crown on the three major categories: Best in Casual Wear, Best in Talent and the Q and A. Also present on the event was the reigning b.

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Duskiest of 2012, Ms. Iatric G. Rexes. Finally, after the scores were tallied officially, Ms. Sydney G. Rexes of Bed IV-A was crowned the new b. Duskiest for 2013. After the coronation, the Institute Coordinator, Mr.. Pablo V. Sauna, Jar. Allied on for the mayors of every section as. He gave them questions which were to be answered. If the mayors failed to answer, all his classmates will plunge to the pool. This marked the declaration for the pool opening. Lunch time, DRP. Teresa E.

Roberto, Associate Director for Students Affairs, DRP. Holland B. Symbol, Dean of Instruction and DRP. Fleischman E. Tuning , Associate Director for Research and Extension, came and Joined us. Each of them delivered a the newly elected COOS Officers of Education and Mayors of every section. After the induction and lunch exact 1 PM another event was opened, the first Dance Battle event happened on the history of educations acquaintance party. Three groups vied for a cash prize and trophy.

The first group was IA, C, AAA and AAA presented their dance number with a medley of modern and classical music. The second group was IA, B, C and B however lost unity and performed on the stage per section. This secured their place as the last. B, AAA, B and C the third and last group became as the center of attraction when they performed the song "Pilling Mo Nag Philippians. " They used colorful costumes and made a formation surrounding the LOL on its four sides. It was a spectacular presentation.

In the end, they won the trophy. The last part of the program was the games. It was led by the Vice-Governor Carlo Humane and SC President Roomer S. Annals as he attends the acquaintance party of his course and assisted them by the rest of the officers. The students enjoyed the games and had a good time playing until they found themselves enjoying the pool. Others were busy to get their chance avail the free photo booth using their passes stub. And as the last part of the program, prizes were given to the cleanest cottage.

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