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Napoleon Psychoanalysis

Psychoanalysis of Napoleon Bonaparte Napoleon Bonaparte is a man that is to be admired but pitied at the same time. He has lived his life almost in desolation, yet at the same time he has managed to make a legacy. Napoleon is very ambitious, yet at the same time he is very lonely and withdrawn.

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He believes that whatever he does will benefit his country and its people. Napoleon is very hard working, and he just wants his dreams to become reality. For example, he began his apprenticeship when he was 16, and he was learning how to deploy men, and assemble guns, and he eventually became an expert at it.

Napoleon shows a lot of willingness to learn, and all he wants is to become famous in society. He wants to play a role in the Revolution. In addition, he seized all of the chances that had been thrown his way, and this is what allowed him to gain everything that he did. Napoleon just wanted to enter French society, and be given a chance to help his people. He worked hard to get to the position he was at. Napoleon did what he needed to change reality, and he worked to make life better. People disliked Napoleon because of his ambitions and his pride.

For example, at the Royal Military College in France, Napoleon was a loner because of his dignity. He was bullied because of his thick accent and because he was poor while the other kids were all nobles. This loneliness had a very large impact in his life and his career. In addition, when Napoleon entered into Corsican politics, Paoli–one of the politicians- thought he was too obsessed with power, which caused him to distrust Napoleon. Napoleons endless yearn for power was the reason for others to not have any faith in Napoleon. When something interests Napoleon, he becomes obsessed with it, and he did not relent.

Napoleon, himself, was the reason for his isolation from others because he always looked at everyone around him as less superior than himself. Napoleon Bonaparte was very resourceful when it came to achieving his goals. He had a very strong thirst for power. Because of his thirst and resourcefulness, many people viewed him as a hero. Napoleon lived a very admirable life because of his hard work and his ambitions. At the same time, he lived a very wretched life because of his desolation. In many people’s eyes he was a legend, but in others’ eyes he was a tyrant.