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My finger

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Almost lost a finger When I was about 12 years old I loved to ride my Hard BMW bike around my neighborhood a lot with my friend nick. Nick and I used to fix our own bikes and learn how to do it all ourselves. We would work on our bikes all day every day and take them apart and put them back together, we got so good at riding and fixing our bikes we fixed are bikes anywhere at any time or at least I thought so. One day during the summer of freshman year nick and I went for a ride to the park down the street from y house to play soccer.

After we played soccer at the park for a while we decided to go to nicks house to play video games and get something to drink. So as were riding back to nicks house my chin felt a little loose so I thought it was a good idea to try and fix it while I was riding. I put my in on my chain while riding the bike and my hand got stuck in the chain and I couldn't get it out and the only way to get my finger out was to peddle and get it out of the chain but once I peddled I felt this very sharp pain in my finger but didn't look till I got to my friend's house.

Once I had finally looked at it, it took me a second to really realize my finger was Just barely hanging on by a small piece of skin. Nicks mom then did all she could and called my mom and said "you need to take Andrew to the emergency room". My mom rushed over to nicks house and we went to the emergency room. After the x rays were taken of my finger they were able to stitch It back together and make sure I could still have feeling in my finger and that the bone healed well. My finger By Vanessa they were able to stitch it back together and make sure I could still have feeling in my

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My finger

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