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My Favourite Actress

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My favourite actress is Julia Roberts. She is one of the Hollywood's brightest star. She is a very successful actress who has starred in many films, such as "Pretty woman" and "The running bride" with Richard Gere. Julia is tall with a perfect figure. She is in her early thirties. Her lips is full and face is tauned. She has got long red curly hair, beautiful blue eyes and rather small nose. She likes wearing formally evening dressed in which she look fantastic. Julia Roberts is a complicated person whose character has many sides. She has very PODOBNA PRACA 75%

My favourite sport outgoing personality. She likes to be in the public eye, giving interviews a jurnalists and allows photographers to take photos which are shown in magazines. She likes going to Hollywood parties and dancing in free times. Julia is a sociable person and loves meeting others people. Travelling is what she likes most. She loves fast cars, however she was afraid flying by plane. She travels all over the world and experiences a new adventures. Futhermore, she is very active in work and self-confident. She got Oscar for starred in film "Pretty woman".

She is also a sensitive person. For example, she helps small ill children. She transnits much money for charity. She is a person who is on diet and keep fit. She never eats fattening food, because she wants to have a good figure. On the other hand, she tends to be a bit explosiv, she often gets nervous without any reason. She is decisive as well. She usually reads a book when finds a private moment. All in all, Julia Roberts is a great actress who J like watching in films. Films, in which she appears are always interesting. J hope to see a new films with her in this time.

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My Favourite Actress essay

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