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My Best Life Trip

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In 2007 our trip to Jordan was very exciting . I remember it as if it happened yesterday. It was a few years ago with my friends , and it was the best trip of my life. I remember flying to Jordan by Gulf Air .

When we arrived Amman, the capital of Jordan at Queen Alia International Airport , the weather outside the airport was very nice and drizzling.We had already booked with the travel agency in Oman for a flat in a place in Amman called (Alrasheed suburb) one of the busiest tourist locations in Jordan during summer, perhaps even busier than the infamous (Dead sea beach resort) because the infrastructure there is new (new malls and theme parks ) and also from there you can go to Syria by car . In fact we are lucky because the flat we rented was near the Omani student club in Jordan. Amman hosts a huge cultural festival each year and fortunately at the time we arrived the next day the festival started.Jordan has a lot of historical locations attracting all kinds of people, whether they are children, adults, citizens, or foreigners. You wondered how a non-oil rich country like Jordan is so well organized . On the first day we took rest and made a schedule for out trip.

The same day at night we went around in Amman malls , sitting in a traditional restaurants that present old folklore session with delicious variety of food and people there were so friendly and hospitable .In the morning we went to visit historical places like (Grash Theater ). When we reached there and saw that place we were surprised to see how old it was and we found there a lot of entertainment . Second day at night we went to the festival and attended the concerts of Arab singers who enjoy the crowd with their songs . After that we take around in the festival locations to see other activities and know Jordanian culture.Third day we decided to visit (Alpetra City) , so we rented a taxi and went there , far from Amman taking four hours . Its a beautiful historical place and we wondered how a human can build and carve a city in a mountain like that.

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We enjoyed our time there and took souvenirs with us . The day before we left we rented a car and went to see the Dead sea beach. The trip by car took around five hours but we enjoyed that because we learned how to use the GPS and that was our first time . We arrived and it’s a huge splendid resort .We ate our lunch on the warm sand and regardless that no one of us can swim but we swim in that sea because it's water salty and no one can drown there. The days passed like hours and our trip reached its end , but we gained a lot sightseeing and knowing the country's customs and traditions and mingle with different people ,besides that we learned how to depend on ourselves . Finally we departed from Jordan to Oman with big treasure of experience mixed with pleasure .

It is a place one must visit at least once in their lifetime.

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