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My Bedroom

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Homework, music, and tranquility are three things that come to my mind whenever I think of my bedroom. It’s a special place that’s important to me and holds many memories, even though other people may not see it that way. This is a place where I spend most of my day to relax and forget about the problems of everyday life. My bedroom is like a sanctuary to me because it’s quiet and peaceful like a walk through misty woods in the early morning hours. It’s somewhere I look forward to going when the “ordinary day at school” is done.

The first thing I see when I walk into my bedroom is my clothes dresser. It’s a cherry wood color, and is furnished with a stereo, small ceramic statues, a small white lamp, and a 3-dimensional wood carving of my first name. These items hold some level of significance to me in that they were given to me by people I care about. The next thing I notice is the two display shelves that are positioned directly above my dresser and are of the same cherry wood tone.

These hold the memories of friends and loved ones in the form of pictures, seashells, and small trinkets. On the right and left sides of these two shelves hang two pictures: one of my family during the Christmas of 2009, and the other of three angels flying carelessly through Heaven’s beachside paradise. Another item that stands amongst everything else in my bedroom is my bulletin board. Here, important events and notes are kept within reach whenever they may be needed for future reference.

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My Bedroom

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