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My Approach to Writing

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My goals for this course is to be able to properly use quotations, paraphrase and make corrections to grammatical errors also how to utilize various research strategies and organize information is a meaningful way so that the audience can easily understand what I have written. To be able write information clearly and correctly is critical in my personal and professional life.

In my professional life I do have to document on the customers account on what they called in about and the solution, the notes I place on the customer's accounts needs to be clear so that if the customer calls back in the next representative will be able to read and understand what I wrote. Same thing applies if my supervisor needs to review the notes and or the call. As a college student I am required to participate in class discussions, write and summarize essays.

Since my classes are online the preferred method of communication for the professors are emails . 1 also prefer to email my supervisor with any requests, concerns etc , that way the requests is documented cause as human being we have a tendency to forget things so the email can be used as reference. I also have to write notes or send emails to my daughter teacher as well, so being able to write properly is critical.

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My Approach to Writing

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I set goals for writing an academic paper by first understanding who my audiences are, so that I am able to express my ideas and thoughts and findings in a way that they can clearly understand. Then I begin to plan my work which includes , creating an outline, come up with points to over and a statement of purpose, which serves as a guide before I start to research and write the paper . When the writing Is completed I revise and proof-read for any errors .

Writing for other can be very challenging. It requires you to be focused and creative. My biggest challenge would be coming up with new and unique Ideas to impress or excite the audience I want to make sure that my Ideas are not something that they Eve have heard before. The first couple sentences can be pretty challenging but usually once those are completed then new Ideas start flowing.

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