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My Ambitions as a High School Student

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Lam writing this essay as a senior in high school sharing the ambitions as most. going to college then having my perfect iob. In my chosen career. Although Instead of applying for college and easing into the end of the year like most of my friends I am working my butt off to make up for the mistakes I have made the last four years. Starting off freshman year I began the habbit of doing just enough work to get by earning es in most of my classes. Thinking to myself "I'll have a good time now and pull my load later on". As time progressed my C‘s began turning into (3's and D's and my only motive for doing better was to get teachers and my family off my back.

I can't tell you how many times I heard the cliche about how much potential I could have, As these words slip through right ear and out the other my bad habits continued. Now its sophomore year and I‘m doing even worse than the year before, My grades were slipping but hey. I was enjoying life school was the last thing on my mind. That‘s when I got my first shocker, Summer School. For once in my life I didn’tiust slip by I had to make up for what I didn't do during the year for 8 weeks four hours a day and $500.00 dollars poorer. One would think that Summer School would snap me out of it. Well, it did I went into junior year With a scholar mentality which lasted for less than a month. Then came the work load lwould come home knowing I had serious homework to do but rather go out With friends instead.

A route I choose countless times that I now regret. Luckily I passed the eleventh grade. With only one failing grade yes I said only if you knew me then you'd be surprised as well. So now skip forward to September senior year I start every class with an. A, but this time the good grades only lasted two weeks. I had caught a bad case of senioritis at the wrong time. I slept through most of my classes when shown. In some of the classes, I would listen to and completely understand what was going on list didn't do my work to show it. At the end of the first and second quarter, teachers surprisingly gave me a chance to make up my work because, yes you guessed it, I have so much potential.

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So both times I came home With the work sat it in front of me and said "hmmm i wonder what so and so are doing let me call them up." Even though it wasn't that long ago that i did it I know now how utterly stupid it was. Even sitting here now reading what I am writing | feel so stupid. So currently i am failing every single class I have with grade ranging from 40 to 66. I am running an absolutely realistic chance of not graduating With my class. Not graduating With my class, I never in a million years thought that could happen regardless ol the countless warnings I've been given.

There is nothing I can blame this on besides laziness and sheer lack ol common sense. Now | now plenty of teachers would love to hear me say this and as much as it makes me cringe to repeat I know that I can do better and I know I have the potential, You may be wondering why I‘m deciding to write this. Well first of all I‘m venting, and second of all I hope that just one person reads this and second guesses what they are doing. Please don't make my stupid mistakes and please don‘t put yourself in the position I have put myself in.

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