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Motivation Action Plan

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Motivation action plan

Managing three employees for Riordan Manufacturing and recently administering a series of assessments for them gave a better understanding of their different traits. Adding the three employees to an Employee Portfolio to document this information will help coordinate assessments. This information provides a way to complete a well thought out plan to motivate each employee according to the way he or she will work best. Determining the motivational strategies that will be appropriate for each of the three employees based on their individual characteristics will show some similarities and some different variables to some similar theories.


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The best way to influence employee evaluations is to motivate each of the three employees by finding strategies that connect each personality. Holly indicates through the self-assessments do very well for the most part in most of the aspects or the working environment her biggest need indicates a need for connection. Execution of setting strategic goals to reward as reinforcement will keep each employee more focused on the task at hand. Many of the determined new evaluated goals will help to reengage each employee at a higher level of performance. Tyler may be more of the one who is uninterested as the manager one may need to find strategies that help Tyler to personally identify with the goals or processes that need to be addressed.

This will happen in a way of stimulating his interests which may be the best way to increase motivation for him. Tyler may need to have the ability to add his thoughts and ideas which will bring him into the project more so this may motive his interest in the project. As one employee struggles with fear of failure or this type of negativity the best possible rescue the manager can help Sally with showing her she is succeeding in all the work she is doing so she doesn’t fear she is doing something wrong. Positive motivation is better than always indicating a negative behavior or pointing out mistakes. Making sure each employee is shown appreciation when they accomplish goals or even do a good job may especially help Tyler.

Rewards will help to motivate each team member, including Tyler, Sally, and Holly this will be something that each person will be guaranteed for each project that is complete from raises, promotions, prizes and various things to show accomplishments. Conclusion

For each individual case their needs to be realistic goals dedicated for that particular person and the characteristics that person identifies with. The team will work best by breaking down a large project into smaller goals with shorter deadlines and work together more on a more often basis. This will help each team member to accomplish a goal as each task is complete and the reward system to be proven to motivate each team member. Each of the team employers will benefit from the emotional intelligence theory.

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