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Modern management Analysis

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1. Organizational resources are the prime variables that ultimately translate into the cumulative compilation of production output. It can be stated that production is the final result that is instrumented by several processes that make up the basic procedure of the production unit.

The term ‘organizational resource’ can be enumerated as a compilation of different aspects that include variables like personnel, motivation, cost of raw materials, supply chain management, knowledge management, material processing and market forecast analysis. All these together ensure the success of the ultimate quality and quantity of the production along with the favorable pricing per unit for the produced output.

Thus it could be mentioned that the relation between the organizational resources and the production is inseparable and vital for the health of the industry. For an industry to obtain favorable conditions in the market it is necessary to formulate a strategy that would enable the organization to keep every aspect of the units involved in a well passed manner.

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The purchase of material would ensure that the value is obtained out of the purchase while the supply chain would ensure that there is no wastage of materials and the materials are presented to the processing unit in proper time. The same principals are true with the processing units too. The efficiency level of the personnel involved along with their motivation level ensures the best possible production out of the initial possesses involved.

Thus it could be stated that organizational resources and production relation is vital and inseparable for any organization and the ultimate success of an organization is ensured by this relation. (Lamb, 2004)

2. The aspects of managerial effectiveness and efficiency are interrelated and are highly potent if applied in a well formulated manner. Any industry survives on the potential of the strategy that is taken and implemented by the management of that industry. As a result the prime factor that should be instigated in the organizational operational activities is the proper and smooth transaction of managerial effectiveness and efficiency into an enhanced and even relationship.

The relationship between managerial effectiveness and efficiency is vital for an organization because for any industry effective personnel at suitable position are a primal factor for success. A person might be very efficient at formulation and modeling strategy. But the same person might not be an effective administrator. That is way it becomes important to position the best person possible at position where the efficiency could be yielded at maximum. Thus relation between managerial effectiveness and efficiency becomes an object of prime concern for any organization.

It can be stated that by the term managerial effectiveness it is understood as the positional utility of a personnel whereas by the term efficiency it is reflected that the potential of the positional utility is utilized in full.  To compile and relate these two important variables it is important to evaluate the human resource structure at its maximum to yield the utmost possible result. The success and failure of an organization largely depends on such a formulation and practical implementation of the human resource department at its highest extent. The managerial effectiveness and efficiency is the keystone of success and the competitive advantage of an organization is dependent on such important organizational factors or variables. (King, 2001)


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