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Middle Age and Renaissance Art

Gothic Art is art of the Middle Ages.Early Middle Age art is also known as the Dark ages (410 AD-ADDED).After the Dark ages came the Medieval era (1066-1485) Then on to the Renaissance era.

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In the Middle Ages the Roman Empire was spilt into two sections, the Eastern and the Western part of the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire fell, the Western part disintegrated, while the Eastern or Byzantium Empire stayed intact. The art reflects the differences between the development of Catholic Religion and the Byzantium Empire.

Byzantium Art had characteristics of religious art, somber tones, flat, one dimensional, no shadows, narrow, and solemn faces. Medieval Gothic Art broke away from Byzantium Art and Romanesque styles. Changes included : Brighter colors, sculptures, metal work out of bronze, stained glass, use of shadows and light, use of symmetry, and depiction of animals and mythological scenes (middle-ages. Com, 2013). Ghetto did Bonnet’s The Last Supper was a painting from this period. Renaissance Art began in Italy around the late 13th and early 14th entry and continued through the 17th century.

Art from this period was mostly of religious nature. It was described as a period of rebirth. This was a time of greater prosperity and new technologies. There were three major phases of Renaissance Art, Early, High, and Late. In these phases inspiration came from antiquity, creating realistic figures that had portrayed personality and behavior (history. Com, 2013). Focus was on the laws of proportion for architecture, human body, and space. Experimentation with oil based paints allowed the artist to change his art as he shed for months as it didn’t dry fast.

Leonardo dad Vine’s The Last Supper was a famous painting from this opened. ART 2 The Last Supper by Ghetto did Bonded and Leonardo dad Vinci both were based on the New Testament. In the Last Supper by Ghetto did Bonded, he did not attempt to imitate reality; there is no depth, and no light source. The goal was to teach the Christian faith. The Last Supper by Leonardo dad Vinci was the first to depict reality, with each person displaying an emotion. This is what made his work remarkable (history. Mom, 2013). Both Middle Age art and Renaissance art had religion as common ground. The Middle Ages was a separation of the Western and Eastern Roman Empire. It reflected the difference between the development of the Catholic religion in the west and Byzantium Empire. Renaissance art was mostly religious stemming from the end of the Middle Ages. Renaissance art was more visually accurate and secular. It had more realistic backgrounds that indicated realism, creativity and appreciation of physical nature.

The purpose was decoration and self-expression, not like the middle ages. By Renaissance art introducing realism, it allowed the common person to enjoy tales, and this tradition continues in today’s society. As the Renaissance art went out, mannerism came in. It was a different kind of art. It showed more clashing colors, disquieting figures, emotion, and bizarre themes that combined classicism, Christianity, and mythology (about. Com, 2013)

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