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Michelle Obama Analysis

October 9, 2012 Written Analysis 1) Speech Goal: What is the goal of the speech? What does the speaker want the listener to do? * The overall goal for Michelle Obama’s speech s to inform the audience that her husband, President Barack Obama is for the people. She wants them to realize that he can relate to every class in America. He has struggled with the same problems that America is facing today at some point in his life.

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The speaker wants the audience to appreciate who they have as a leader and to be confident enough to re-elect him again. 2) Speech Organization: What is the overall organizational structure of the message? Remember Chapters 11, 12, 13, 14) * The overall message was in a motivated sequence with the 5 steps, attention, need, satisfaction, visualization, and action. 3) Speakers Role: What kind of relationship has the speaker established with the audience? Does he or she speak from a position of power? As an equal? How does this role established by the speaker influence the speech’s effectiveness * Mrs. Obama creates a more equal relationship rather than being superior to the audience even though she has a great deal of power on her back.

She speaks to them from an eye to eye perspective. The way the speaker shows the audience how much they can actually relate, the audience is prone to find favor in their similar situations and is more likely to gain a liking for him. This speech is very effective because the audience can see that President Obama and his wife feels what they feel and they know what’s it like to have issues. They didn’t grow up rich, without experiencing the downfalls of society; they had to climb that ladder of success as normal American’s. ) Speaker’s Tone: What is the overall tone, or “feel,” of the message? How does the speaker use supporting material and delivery clues to establish an overall tone of speech? * This speech has a tone of hope and equality. After hearing this speech you can’t help but feel hopeful that things will get better. The first lady helps you see that it’s possible to make it. There is hope for every family that wants to send their children to college just like there is hope for every family who has soldiers serving their country.

Not only that, but there is a sense of equality in the speakers tone to help the audience relate to a much further extent. 5) Speakers Techniques: What does the speaker do to establish credibility? Does the speaker use logical arguments, tell effective and interesting stories, use emotional appeals, and use interesting and precise language? * The speaker creates credibility by basically saying she’s been in their footsteps, especially with her father having a disability and with him being a father and sending his children to college even if he did have to take out loans when he fell short.

The speaker does use logical arguments, tells effective and interesting stories, use emotional appeals, and use interesting and precise language. The speaker shows her sincerity in everything she says which shows the audience how much passion is behind every word and scenario. 6) Audience: Who is the intended audience? How effectively and appropriate does the speaker connect to the interest, needs and background of the audience? How does the speaker make the connection with the audience? The intended audience is more of the middle class, she states a lot of issues that middle class people go through, even as growing up as a middle class child, and she went through those same issues. She connects with them by being able to say, “Yes I’ve been there, and Yes I’ve made it through. ” 7) What was your favorite aspect of the speech, and why? * My favorite aspect is how she gives the audience that reassurance that even though times may be hard right now that it is not the end.

You have to believe in America and hope for the best. No country or President is perfect. We have to have our President’s back and show we that we have faith in him. 8) Why is this activity relevant? What do you learn from watching speeches? * This activity was very relevant because as young adults, we need to be more in tuned with what’s going on in our society. We see how the speaker comes across to America by noticing several points that we’ve discussed in class. We learn what to do to improve as speakers ourselves.