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Mice and Men Injustices Faced

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“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” Martin Luther King regarding justice. This quote considers the injustice that takes place and its potential impacts. Justice is defined as a quality of being just; fairness and injustice is defined as Lack of fairness or justice. This quote has some relevance and can be related to the issues of justice and injustice which is faced in the book Of Mice of Men. The book is set in the 1900s it takes place on and about a ranch in the Salinas Valley, near the town of Soledad, south of San Francisco.

It is about two migrant field workers in California during the Great Depression – George Milton, an intelligent and cynical man; and Lennie Small, an ironically named man of large stature and immense strength but limited mental abilities. They work on a ranch and they hope to one day attain their shared dream of settling down on their own piece of land.

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Lennie’s part of the dream, which he never tires of hearing George describe, is merely to tend to (and touch) soft rabbits on the farm. In the book many characters are faced with injustices ranging from racism to disabilities.

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One such characters who is subjected to this is Crooks. In the novel “Of Mice and Men” John Steinbeck, the author, uses the character of Crooks to represent racism and to symbolise the marginalization of the black community during the setting of the book. The term “nigger” is referenced in the book a number of times such as being banned from the bunkhouse, only during Christmas “they let the nigger come in” and in one scene Curley’s wife threatens Crooks that she’ll ‘ get you strung up on a tree so easy It ain’t even funny” showing the injustice that he faces when working at the ranch.

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