Methods of Evangelism

Romans Road shows how a person can be lad to Christ through a series of steps. These steps are all found in the book of Romans, hence the name, Romans Road. It provides a very clear perspective of who needs salvation, why they need salvation, how God provides salvation, how we receive salvation, and the results of salvation. Advantages – It is step-by-step and is very direct on what has happened to Christ, and how we can be with Him for eternity. Disadvantages –

Romans Road does not show how to live a life for Christ after a person invites Christ to be their Lord and Savior. Friendship Evangelism Summary of Method – Friendship evangelism is sharing the Word of God with friends who have not accepted him or are not sure that it is the right path to take spiritually. Advantages – When a person wants to use friendship evangelism, they are not talking to total strangers. They are talking to friends that they have made and people that they trust. This allows them to be themselves when talking about God.

Disadvantages – Some people would rather not put their guard down and show some transparency when talking about religion. They might be afraid of rejection from their friends. Door-to-Door Evangelism Summary of Method – Door to door evangelism is going from house to house sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Morons and Jehovah Witnesses use this method. Advantages- One advantage for this method is that you are talking to people where they are comfortable (at their home). It is a one on one conversation that could be starting a religious revolution in their life.

Also, you are reaching out to people who may be at a very vulnerable point in their life, a point where they need Christ. Disadvantages – This method may put your safety in harms way by not knowing who the people are. People may also refuse to listen, may not be home, may rebuke you, and may become hostile with you. Studies and surveys have shown it is not the most effective evangelism method. Application of These Methods to Your Own Life What method best suits you? The method that best suits my personality is friendship evangelism.

Out of the three methods, friendship evangelism is the easiest for me to relate to. Why is this the best method for you? Friendship evangelism is about sharing the gospel with people that you know. I believe that it is the best method for me because of the people that I am with. I want them to see and be with me in the kingdom of Heaven. I also want them to experience the goodness of God and his grace among them. It is also easier for me to open up to people that I know, people that I can trust, people that I know will respect me and that will still be my friend no tater what I believe in.

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