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McDonald’s Case Study essay

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Mc Donald has positioned itself as one of the leading fast food restaurant that offer best valued product to the customer with exceptional customer experience. The restaurant has aimed to build long term relationships with the customers so that the brand loyalty level increases and customers are not only satisfied but they are highly delighted with the experience.

The company is aware of the fact that the aims and objectives of the company can only be achieved if the customers are highly satisfied with the company, hence the company need to focus on integration at a higher level so that the internal and external environment of the company work together and every stakeholder including the customer can help the company to achieve its ultimate goal of bringing smiles in the face of every customer (Brand, 2006).

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The integration in the causal chains and strategy is to important to make the stakeholder aware and to rightly place the company’s situation, aim and ultimate goal in the perception of every stakeholder so that they can expect the right thing from the company and the company’s strive from all aspects including financial, customer satisfaction, business processes and learning and growth are fully justified (Green, 2003).


McDonald's vision is to be the world's best quick service restaurant experience. Being the best means providing outstanding quality, service, cleanliness, and value, so that we make every customer in every restaurant smile."


  • Be the best employer for our people in each community around the world,
  • Deliver operational excellence to our customers in each of our restaurants, and
  • Achieve enduring profitable growth by expanding the brand and leveraging the strengths of the McDonald's system through innovation and technology." (Joe, n.d.)


Worldwide restaurant chains with multi-domestic strategies, offering customers high quality of fast food products augmented with finest service and quick time delivery.

Analyzing customer behavior and offering products that can best suit their needs. Bringing the voice of the customer into the company to improve the quality of service and increasing the level of satisfaction

Employed more 1.5 million people in 119 countries worldwide, offering best value and job satisfaction to each employee because when employee will be happy the customer will get happy as well.

Business operational method on franchisees, so that each operational unit can better serve its customers, through higher level of customer awareness and can easily cater the needs of a particular region successfully.

In a constant market research process, to analyze the customer buying pattern and observe what they need at what time so that the company is able to produce the right thing at the right time.

With high level of customization to the customer, the company has kept a particular standard maintained worldwide.


  • To achieve customer happiness
  • To be the leading fast food firm in the world
  • To expand the service chains with the same multi domestic strategy
  • To better serve in all aspect from the competitors within a region
  • To be in continuous research to evaluate customer buying behavior
  • To continue producing the highest quality fast food product
  • To maintain the high level of cleanliness
  • To create an exceptional customer experience
  • Action

The company has always emphasized on continuous research on customer buying behavior so that they can better understand the needs of the customers where their business is operational. Mc Donald has always adapted the newest technology in the fast food to better serve its customers. The standard maintenance through high quality products and some worldwide offered products has kept the company from its competitors aside.

Customer representatives are highly trained so that they are able to better serve the customers with a smile. Mc Donald’s customer relationship management is exceptional due to its IT based CRM systems, their telemarketing and customer representative in each operational unit. The customers’ voice is brought into the firm’s internal environment so that can better understand the requirement and offer product according to it.

The regular customers are called about the new offers and thank you calls are made to the customer so that they can be valued more. Mc Donald does not focus only on customer experience at the time they are in the restaurant, but even when the customers are outside the restaurant they still witness the exceptional customer experience through customer repetitive offering them discount cards on their next visits and making thank for visiting calls.

Financial metrics

  • Revenue growth is not focused on the sales but the company is more focus to bring smiles to more customers because when the customers will be happy the sales will increase automatically
  • Even in the period of recessions the cost reduction of the firm is very low, because it is more focused on creating high value to the customers at every cost possible
  • Revenue percentage from the existing customers is high, because the company has retained its customers with high level of services

Customer metrics

  • High percentage of customer acquisition
  • Very high Customer satisfaction percentage
  • High Customer profitability percentage, through best valued meal

Internal business process metrics

  • Time to market for new products depending upon the requirement of a particular region
  • Product quality is very high through maintained standards
  • Service quality is high through maintained standards

Learning and growth metrics

  • Employees are Encouraged to be creative
  • Employee satisfaction is achieved through their Involvement in decision making
  • Periodic trainings are held so that the service can be exceptional


Brand, R., (2006) "Chipotle founder had big dreams" Rocky Mountain News.

Green, C., (2003). The Lost Cause: Causation and the Mind-Body Problem. Oxford: Oxford Forum. ISBN 0-9536772-1-4 includes three chapters on causality at the microlevel in physics.

Joe B., (n.d). "McDonald's Corporation". Hoovers.

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