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Bad reputation and feedback trot some experienced guest from other companies may affect In the capacity of registering of the potential guest strength: * Unique, unpopular, perspective type of tour especially In Vietnam Vietnam Is an agricultural country which is new and unfamiliar with the foreigners. This tour is unlike many other tours, It give the tourists some realistic views and have new Interesting experiences which they can have never been before about the local peoples life. New services, activities held up such as life by taking part in some agricultural activities, cooking traditional foods, visiting the carat village and doing charityћ_ Tourists can also taste, enjoy and bring the products they made as souvenirs. Which are much more memorable and remarkable than normal gifts. Weakness: * New Corcoran, low reputation, small scale due to Limited capital As a new comer, the company hasn't got much reputation so It's not easy to attract many guests, The limited capital urged the company to balance carefully expenditures.

At first, the scale of the tour may not big, the Limited number of a group Is about 1 - 10 people to get experiences, fix the problems and complete the tour plan. * Place: far from central area The organic tour requires a quite large natural areas, which can provides the tourists to only the space for the activities but also the finest and most relaxing delusion_ The location is in the curbs of Hanoi, far from the urban area where has more modern facilities: hospital, shopping mall, recreation center.... The tour may takes much time to travel among tourist destinations. The distance between the place to the destination such as the nearby craft village may take more time to arrive. * Inquire investment on providing facilities: The tour Corcoran can be together with the host providing or upgrading the facility to the houses in order to bring to the guest he most convenient living condition. It's up to the contract between two sides: The host or the company pays for the expense. This can cost the company a lot.

Upturning: plans and activities according to the region culture. Many places have some advantages to develop this type of tour is in the Red river delta, Mekong river delta, the central of Vietnam... * Attract guests for new services, new programs in the tour: recording videos, playing games, volunteer activities, visiting craft villages and earning how to make the traditional product, trekking, biking, riding around to enjoy the scenes, having a tour around the city... Threatens: * Facility condition This is one of the most required in the tour.

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Tourists want to be provided basic facilities to meet their basic needs, to entertain, to communicate,... The cleanses, convenience, comparability, privacy,... Are the standard elements. The provider/host have to make sure that the facility is always ready to serve the guest in the best condition. However, the company can't always control this thing, it depends on how he host work. * The host's attitude and action directly influence in the quality and guests' perception and satisfaction.

Local people is a very important element in deciding the tour is success or not. They live, communicate with the tourists so they affect directly on the tour quality. If the host has a positive and enthusiastic attitude, try to show and help the guests, this could lead to a good result and make the guest satisfied. In contrast, if the guest is served with a bad attitude by the host, this can influence to the company's reputation, which is absolutely not goodћ especially for a new company. Bad reputation and feedback from some experienced guests from other companies may affect in the capacity of registering of potential tourists. Nowadays, people often pay more attention and read reviews about the place/ service/product they are willing to spend money on. If there are companies which also operate this type of tour and haves some negative comments on it, this may lead to the consequence is that some others tourists don't want to use the service, and change the plan.

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