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Management Structures

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The advantages of Differentiations are that the employees specialize In one task, which creates an excellent quality of services or goods. There are many subdivisions of differentiations, which one or another can work well In a wide variety of organizations. The disadvantages of defenestration's are that It Is not cost effective, If the service or goods are no longer needed the employees must be trained for another type of Job.

The advantages of Matrix organizations are that people with the same skills are grouped together: therefore, an equal amount of work is shared between workers. Employees have more than one supervisor and need expertise that comes from more than one person or discipline. The disadvantages of a Matrix organization include little room for promotions, due to the employees being so equal. This could cause problems with discrimination and also create loyalty issues.

Having too many supervisors could lead to conflicts and abuse of power. The advantages of the Project Team structure are that the team members will bring diverse ideas to the table, which will benefit the clients. Each team works independently on their project and there is one team leader who is responsible for making sure the project is running smoothly. The main disadvantage is that conflict often arises, making things difficult to agree on. Often the team leader needs to solve the conflict.

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Management Structures

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The advantages of the Collegial Model are that the employees responsible for their own behavior and self discipline. Employees do not need to worry about any ones performance other than their own. The collegial model gives the freedom to work independently with little supervision. The disadvantages are that there is no individual accountability; some employees will lag behind, not wanting to work. It is not compatible with most human service organizations.

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