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Management Role: Overview

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There are several meanings and interpretations that are engaged in the word management. Also, the roles and work that are associated in this position also defends on the knowledge of that particular person about the term. It can be said that most people view management as the position in which you can get the things done through other people. Still, there are some views regarding the role of management in an organization that can be considered quite apart from the traditional view of management roles such as to support employees in order to maximize their ability for the betterment of the organization and as well to help employees to be productive members of the community.

However, for most employees it can be said that the term management refers to the group of people with the responsibility to make decisions about the organization. The activities of the board as well as program and/or executive directors are also referred to as management. In Joe’s case, he had misconceptions of the responsibility that had been put into his shoulders by the time that he was appointed manager for the Best Made Mfg.

Thus, Joe was placed back into his previous position, in the production line after merely 3 weeks.  Joe expected to do the same kind of work, only lighter than before after being placed into a new position. In can be seen in this case that the roles and responsibilities of being a manager is quite different from being in the production line. Being a part of the production line means working side-be-side with the people on the said workplace. It means that you are likely to do what most people do. Thus, being a manager is a totally different scenario. In order to better see the differences, let us look closely to the part and role of the management in the progress and development of the company.

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In the traditional interpretation, management is referred to as the activities of groups of people in which their main responsibility involves planning, organizing, leading and as well as controlling/coordinating. In order to have a better picture of the role of management, let us look closely at each of the four functions mentioned above.

Planning involves the identification of goals, objectives and methods that the company intends to do and achieve. The resources that will be used in the companies operation is also part of planning as well as to identify the responsibilities of personnel’s and the completion date of a certain task. There are many kinds of planning of which strategic, business, project, staffing and as well as advertising and promotions planning are included.

Another responsibility of the management is to organize the resources of the company in order to achieve the goals of the company in the most advantageous manner. It may include the organization of new departments, offices, file systems, human resources and as well as the reorganization of the business and others.

Another consideration and responsibility that is in the hands of the management is to influence the persons that are part of the company. Leading is an important consideration in order to motivate the employees. Thus, to set the direction that must taken by the individual employees is an important factor in order to maximize the potential of the company. Leading not just involves striving to achieve the goal of the company but to influence the employees to the same thing as well.

Controlling/Coordinating is also an important task of the management. It involves the processes, systems and structures of the organization in order to reach the organization’s goals and objectives in the most effective and efficient manner. This may include the monitoring and adjustments of the systems and other structures of the company as well as the collection of feedbacks. The performance management process, financial controls together with the policies and structures are some of the examples.

Thus, the task of those in the production line and management involves two different tasks. The main distinction is that those in the production line are guided by the management but does not have the authority to make decisions. This is the job of the management along with all the other responsibilities and task mentioned above. Being part of the management and of the production line are two different tasks that involves different approach. To treat them as having the same function and responsibility will surely cause you some trouble just like Joe’s case.


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