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Management Planning and Ethics

First American Guard Services Company provides unique security services to all our clients. To maximize on our services, the company operates round the clock to ensure all the customers’ requirements are met.  Our core values are innovations, competence and reliability.

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  The company strives to offer quality services, professional development and high ethical standards.  Our team is highly committed to understand customers’ expectations and solve all safety problems.  The services offered not only will they accommodate all the clients’ needs but also exceed their expectations. (Francesco, 2006)

Organizational Structure

First American Guard Services is made up of qualified and professional team.  The company is under the Chief executive officer, the Vice president of company operations and Vice president of marketing and Finance.  The Chief Executive Officer manages the whole company and holds the final word.  The VP is in charge of departmental operations and the second VP is in charge of marketing and finance.

The planning Function of the Management

To ensure the smooth flow of all the activities within the company, the company has decided to embark on management planning and ethics plans to harmonize all the plans laid out.  The management will streamline legal issues, ethics and corporate social responsibility and how it impacts the management and business planning.  All the issues will enhance proper communication, accountability and clarify the vision of all the plans.  The corporate social responsibility will broaden the perspectives of communications at the corporate level within the management so that sound policies can be made. The management consists of the CEO, and the two VPs (Francesco, 2006)

Legal issues are vital if any organization must perform well.  The legal issues affect the management since they are responsible for laying out rules and regulations that staff members are expected to adhere to.  First American Guard Company’s management will evaluate all the processes to improve the performance of the management.  The Chief executive will lead the team by initiating workshops and seminars whereby they will be exposed to management courses.  The courses will enhance ethical standards and adhere to the law. (Francesco, 2006) Legal issues, ethical factors as well as corporate social responsible are interrelated since they affect performance of the management and ultimately output of the organization. (Francesco, 2006)

Legally, there are rules stipulated by the law that businesses must follow.  The rules determine the types of decisions and plans made at the management level.  Some of the legal issues will determine the quality of services offered by First American, to ensure they meet the standards set by the law.  Despite all the innovations, that the management hopes to come up with, they must be within the law.  On the other hand, ethics are designed by the company, that is, code of ethics indicating the conduct and organizations expectations of all the employees.  The ethical infrastructure will support the effective implementation of ethical responsibility and corporate strategies.  (Francesco, 2006)

The ethical training will be directed to the first American Guard service team, so that the members can make use of moral reasoning tools so that questions related to ethics and corporate activities are properly addressed.  The image of the management relies on the code of ethics.  Ethical standards set by the company are usually the crucial tools which enable the management carry out corporate, social and ethical responsibilities.  The function in essence is beyond legal requirements. (Francesco, 2006)

The corporate social responsibility will however consider the international standard as well as the best practices. (Francesco, 2006)


According to many writers, the social responsibility of any business must have ethical responsibilities.  First American Guard Services Company has social responsibilities which will further be subdivided into ethical, legal and economic.  In addition, the ethical responsibilities of the company are parallel to the legal issues. (Francesco, 2006) The management function will therefore revolve around harmonizing all the issues concerned, to ensure all the business plans, implementation adhere to the management function.  This is because, all legal, social and ethical guidelines, determine the policies that the management will formulate and who the implementers will be. (Francesco, 2006)

It is important to note that, most social responsibilities are not clear and are more or less an assortment of legal and moral responsibilities, vested interests and some moral ideals.  This package however, inhibits the managements to consider other ethical responsibilities of the company.  This means that if the company trades on ideals, corporate social responsibility myth diverts the attention from the duties of the management. (Francesco, 2006)


Francesco, P. (2006) Developing Corporate Social Responsibility, Edward Elgar             Publishing.