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Essay On Management Of Information Systems

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The internet is a large worldwide collection of networks that use a common protocol to communicate with each other. While being in my house and not near my desktop computer which contains a desktop monitor and a modem I use my smartened to access websites. My smartened does not hook up to a physical network it deals with transmission media which deals with a wireless server. From my smartened, I have access to several web browser applications, including Google, Being, and Yahoo. At my house, we use Wi-If which is provided by Compost.

With using the Wi-If we have a modem setup in our house gives off the wireless connection because it is hooked up to the router which pulls from our Compost internet service provider. Considering our house has one router that is being shared between six people, our bandwidth is spread pretty thin. Backbone. Com has become a very popular web domain in the last nine years. Its web address/URL is http://www. Backbone. Com. This website uses web servers to process the requests of its users.

We are able to access this website wrought a wide area network on our personal computers, phones, tablets, and anything else with access to the internet because of the IP addresses that correspond to those electronic devices. TCP/IP is the host used to connect different host servers on the internet. HTML is the language used to program sites such as Backbone over the internet. Network applications such as Backbone are all managed through the client to server to peer. This enables the site to be managed and maintained easily.

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Essay On Management Of Information Systems

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The NICE is the computer hardware component used to connect a computer to a imputer network so it can access the Internet and the World Wide Web. An LANA Is a local area network computer that Is used as an Interconnects for computers In a home, school or small network to connect to one another and have Internet access. A GANG is a Global Area Network which Is similar to the LANA but It can be used globally and In remote areas because It Is a much smaller terminal and can be carried. A packet or network packet Is a formatted unit of data that Is carried over a packet network.

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