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Management Level Health and Safety

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Risk Management Report Method The aim of this module is to research Health and Safety Risk Management within the setting. The process which I will be carrying out will be the investigation of policies, procedures and practices implemented in order to manage risks and maintain the health and safety of everybody within the setting. The following tasks are to be carried out In order to research the health and safety protocols: * Analysis of accidents within the setting * Risk Assessment of Pre-school * Policies and Procedures Implemented Research to identify whether procedures and knowledge is up to date.

In order for this research to be carried out files, records and current policies within the setting will be investigated. Results Analysis of Accidents within Setting The analysis of accidents was carried out by looking at the records kept particularity in the month of July, from the records was carried out an Accident Evaluation Sheet. This identified that there was a total of 18 accidents within the full setting.

The accident's was based mainly on trips, slips and falls. Risk Assessment of Pre-school The Risk assessment of the Pre-school identified risks within the areas of Fire, manual handling, electricity, equipment, slips trips and falls, working at height and COACH. The risks which were Identified are required to have responsibility mainly of the staff and safety procedures need to be followed In order for the health and safety of everybody to be successful.

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Management Level Health and Safety

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Policies and Procedures Implemented The Policies and Procedures which I found were implemented was the Health and Safety Policy for Staff, overall concentrating on the whole of the setting with reoccurred to follow, the procedures which was concentrated on were things such as Garden Checklist, Room Checklist, Cleaning Rota's etc this ensures that staff are following protocol to keep track that health and safety procedures are been followed correctly and successfully.

Research to Identify Procedures and Knowledge is up to date When researching the HAS Website I found that there are certain requirements which need to be met in order for a setting to be able to provide a service, within a childcare setting the following rules and procedures from the legislation in place just be adhered to and It Is the employer's duties: Health and Welfare of Staff Food Hygiene * Safe Access * Safety of all equipment used * Information on Policies which maintain the Safety * Plans in place for Emergencies * Safety Signs * First Aid * Protection of children and Young Persons * Electricity All these must be covered in order for the workplace to continue employment and sales, the law applies to every place of work.

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