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Management information system Critical Analysis

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The best and easiest possible manner one can gather Web traffic data for analysis of a firm’s Web site is to inform the web portal master to reveal the information needed at a specified interval. Once this is done the portal manager would be providing the firm with a regular feedback of web traffic in customary intervals.

It could be stated that this is an invaluable data in the context of a web site and for e- business in general. This is because once the exact amount of web traffic is available in open data format then it becomes extremely helpful for the firm. This is because with the proper evaluation and the analysis of this data it would be possible to understand the trends and the likeness of the customers and the locations of the potential customers. This would help the firm to alter or put emphasis on a specific set of marketing strategies directed towards the success of the firm.

It is only logical to believe in this context that the information posted in the data base issued by the portal master in relation to the amount of web traffic would be true and more dependable than human survey methods as there would no scope of falsification in this case. As a result the firm would get a complete set of data related to the amount of web traffic that would ultimately reveal the preferences of the customers. A good alignment with the customer’s preference would ultimately prove to be beneficial for the firm. (Cook, 188-90)

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Week 8 Question

As the director of public relations for a large credit card firm that just had its customer database hacked and data on more than 1 million customers may have been stolen the prime duty would be to take proper and evasive action that is ethical and not detrimental for the company at the same time. The first and foremost action that is to be taken in this situation as an act of damage control is to recommend the CEO to inform the authority and reveal the situation.

First they must inform the legal and judicial authority to take proper and quicker steps then the clients would be notified regarding the mishaps and thirdly immediate notifications should be placed with the banks in concern to stop payment and monitor the latest transactions regarding the credit card involved.  (Powell, 34)

In the initial stages it may appear to be ramifying for the company but taking into consideration the long termed initiatives of the company, as in all on going business should be, it is the most logical and ethical action possible along with the priority of the company.

This is because once the details of the hacking is revealed immediately after the detection it would be possible to diminish the damage to a minimum and at the same time the company would emerge as an ethical organization who is not afraid of the negative impacts of a problem like this and puts the safeguard of its customer at the head of its priority list. In the long run this would prove to be the most valuable aspect of the company and the clients would be ready to trust the integrity of the company. (Tyreman, 34-6)


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